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Dollars and Cents Word Problems

Grade 2 Common Core Math Standard

Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 2 Measurement- 2.MD.8

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Step-by-Step Lesson- We add money between people to determine a total sum.

  • Guided Lesson - Three problems that are all based on spending money.

  • Guided Lesson Explanation - You will find pictures for everything to make the problems a bit more real for students.

  • Practice Worksheet - No visuals here. All the problems are sentence based and involve spending money, once again.

  • Matching Worksheet - Match the word problems to their sum or difference. All money is given in cents because dollar skills usually comes a bit later in the year.

AnswersAnswer Keys

View Answer Keys- All the answer keys in one file.

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Homework Sheets

We give you a completely worked through problem followed by four problems of your own.

Practice Worksheets

They really need to know the value of their coins here.

Math Skill Quizzes

Most of the problems are about buying things or combining values of change.