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Plotting Numbers on a Number Line Worksheets

Students learn how to understand number lines and their use in math operations with these math worksheets. In math, a number line is not like an ordinary line; instead, it is a straight line separated in two and marked with integers. The values are marked in equal segments along the length of the line. They can be extended infinitely. This number line is horizontal, the left segment of which are marked with negative values, and the right segment is marked with positive values. As you move across the line in the right segment, the numbers tend to increase on the line. Whereas on the left segment, the numbers tend to decrease since the values are negative. The number line is a helpful tool to carry out the addition and subtraction of numbers. Marking numbers on the number line makes the comparison of two or more values easy. For example: John borrows $3 from Virginia to pay for his burger, Virginia is left with $10. How much Virginia had in total? By jumping on the number line from the number to number to solve this word problem, you can find the answer.

Aligned Standard: Grade 2 Measurement and Data - 2.MD.6

  • Step-by-step Lesson- Represent the addition and subtraction equations on the numbers line.
  • Guided Lesson - We have you start to right your own problems based on the movement of lines on the numbers line.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - The numbers lines are drawn out for you and we ask you to follow the path to the equations.
  • Practice Worksheet - Find the sum or difference and then plot it on the numbers line.
  • 5 Practice Worksheets - We work on addition and subtraction with the help of a visual numbers line.
  • Matching Worksheet - Match the movement of the line on the numbers line and the equation that it should represent.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

Convert the equation to a numbers line plot.

  • Homework 1- Represent the differences and sums on the number line that is provided at each problem.
  • Homework 2- Rinse and repeat. I would start at the front value and move to the second value.
  • Homework 3- We gap these guys together and work with slightly larger numbers.

Practice Worksheets

Write the equation (sum or difference) that you see on the numbers line.

  • Practice 1- Write the equation of sum or difference with the help of the visuals that we have setup for you.
  • Practice 2- The light blue line helps you set a standard pace. It all starts with circle and moves toward the arrow point.
  • Practice 3- The intervals are really spread here. You should have plenty of space to write your equations.

Math Skill Quizzes

We ask you to make sense of the numbers lines by writing them in equation form.

  • Quiz 1- Write the equation of sum or difference with the help of what is provided for each problem on the quiz.
  • Quiz 2- The numbers are found in digit boxes here. Create an equation from what you see plotted before you.
  • Quiz 3- Placement is everything here. Take the circle and points and create a math statement here.

Why Number Lines Are Helpful

The primary purpose of a numbers line is to give some life to numbers. It helps you understand the motion of sequences and data in general. This is especially true when introducing the concept of negative numbers. It is a very abstract concept when it is not displayed using a visual. It is easy to see this from the student's perspective when you think of the concept of a negative value for temperature. Using this instrument can help students quickly grasp and understanding of these types of ideas.

Number lines lend themselves directly to making difficult to understand values clear and almost coherent for students. When the concept of irrational numbers makes their way to our students is when this tool shines brightly. We encourage all teachers to think about using this tool in their classrooms whenever students are exploring a newer slightly abstract value to them.

You will find as you begin to learn to add and subtract, they can be an invaluable tool for visualizing that process. They are an essential tool when you begin to study these operations with negative values. The motion and trajectory of how these types of problems work can be easily understood with their help.

How to Create a Numbers Line from Scratch

1) We begin by drawing a straight line that extends in both directions.

2) We then mark vertical lines that are equal distances apart (intervals). Each of these will represent a whole number.

3) In this section we are concerned with just whole numbers so we will begin (far left) the line at a value of 0 and then mark each successive point with 1 more (+1, +2, +3).

Comparing Height 1

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