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Even and Odd Number Worksheets

What Are Odd and Even Numbers? Children in maths class need to understand the concept of even and odd numbers. An even number is any number that can be divided into two equal sets or groups. According to another understanding, an even number is a number which has no remainder when it is divided by the number 2. An odd number is a number that cannot be divided into two equal sets or groups. Another understanding says that odd number is any number that has 1 as a remainder when it is divided by the number 2. Another simple understanding of the concept of even and odd numbers is that any integer that is not an odd number is definitely an even number. An even number will always have the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0 in the end regardless of how many and what numbers are placed behind it. For example, 3,78,452 is an odd number because it has the number 2 in it. An even number will have 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 at the end of each number. For example, 34,785 is an odd number because it has the number 5 at the end. These worksheets help students learn to classify integers as even or odd.

Aligned Standard: Grade 2 Operations - 2.OA.3

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Homework Sheets

You will find some interesting formats in this section. We give a number of ways to look at the problem.

  • Homework 1- Match the odd and even numbers according to the same number of pictures.
  • Homework 2- Count the pictures in each set. Write the total numbers and label them as odd and even.
  • Homework 3- You will classify the values found within the circles. It all starts with football helmets.

Practice Worksheets

We practice with odds and evens boxes here. They will really help a great deal.

  • Practice 1- Shade or color in the boxes that contain odd numbers.
  • Practice 2- An another revision of the last skill.
  • Practice 3- Shade or color in the boxes that contain even numbers.

Math Skill Quizzes

Straight labels that are mixed several different ways.

  • Quiz 1- Tell if the number is odd or even. You can shade the boxes, use a check, or just circle them.
  • Quiz 2- What is it? Focus on that ones place value.
  • Quiz 3- Bolder and stronger. Do not let the larger values confuse you just push through.

Why Even and Odd Numbers Are Important?

Odd and Even Lollipops

This is often a skill that teachers brush over and do not put a great deal of effort into spending much class time on.That is because it is perceived as an easy task and not that important.What teachers are not realizing is that this is one of their students first opportunities to learn to assess or classify numbers. This is not an opportunity that you should take lightly you should spend a good amount of time with it. Up to now math has all been about operations and values.Math is much more about making sense of the data rather making choice calculations correctly.This is the first time, albeit on a small scale, students are asked to think abstract in the math classroom.

Our exploration with odds and evens begins with understanding if a value can be halved or split evenly into two. Understanding if a value is symmetrical has a lot of different uses.We pair or group things a great deal in this world and to understand if pairs are possible help us, at times, tremendously. I find that when educators teach this skill, they tell the students to focus on the last digit of the value in order to classify it but fail to help students understand why that is true.This is often taught as a matter of fact. I encourage you to tell students that, when dealing with whole numbers, all place values expect ones place can be partitioned into two equal groups.

Understanding how to categorize numbers helps them begin the process of learning about patterns and identifying relationships in data.When they begin to analyze patterns on a larger scale, this skill will come to forefront.When you begin working on the operation of division and the concept of remainders, odds and evens will help them understand if a remainder will be expected. Odd numbers will always result in a remainder.

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