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Counting Objects to 20

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Kindergarten - CC.3

These worksheets help students learn to count a series of up to 20 objects. The goal for your students should not just be plain old rote memorization of these numbers in order. That does not capture the true nature of the concept of counting. We really are hoping that we can bring students to a level of understanding where they can attribute a value to each number within that series. There are a number of different ways you can help students achieve this. It helps students track this skill by using an array of columns and rows to place items in. Some teachers start with this method and gradually remove it. Other teachers feel that it provides a false sense of security. I find the biggest gap between students is when we transition from counting the item over and over to a variety of items. Some students get lost in translation with this. For those students that do, just make a more subtle transition. Start by counting the same item with different sizes and then transition to different items. Some things that often cause difficulty are arrangement. It does not matter how you arrange the same item, the total count will always be the same. I like to encourage students to say the numbers out loud when looking for total values. If you have any trouble, there are a bunch of lesson below to help you.

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