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Counting How Many Worksheets

While counting anything may be second nature to most people, children often enter Kindergarten with the inability to understand where to start with this skill. We can all be hopeful that parents and guardians have put their time in and helped their child master this skill, but that is rarely the case. The research tells us that this a huge school readiness skill and if a student is lucky enough to have a caring teacher, like yourself, they should worship the ground you walk on. There is set progression of strategies that help your students through understanding this process quicker. We put our effort into this collection of work for you. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how to count groups of objects.

Aligned Standard: Kindergarten - CC.5

How to Teach Children to Count Objects

1, 2, 3

The first thing that every child learns when they are growing up and introduced to mathematics is to understand how to count from 1 to 10. They then need to apply this to objects and record the number of objects that are present in front of them. The concept of learning with your hands on anything is always fun and interesting and almost wholly sums up mathematics. But teaching children how to count how many of anything is not an easy task. It requires little more efforts than teaching anything.

Once you have taught your kids the basics of counting numbers. It's time to teach them how they can implement that counting on the objects. Let's learn how you can help your kids make them how to count objects.

Place a few objects in front of your kids. The objects can be anything from toys, small blocks, to anything bigger like water bottles and food items. Tell your students to pick up one object and start counting from that position. Ask them to pick one at a time so that they don't get confused. After they have counted one, ask them to put it somewhere far from all the objects. Guide them through the process of counting. Let them count as many objects as they can. Besides this, other ways of counting objects include drawing pictures and letting your kid count.

The goal here is to get them actively doing this to as many different things as possible. The more practice that they get, the easier that this becomes to apply to just about anything.

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