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Counting Forward

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Kindergarten - K.CC.2

Tips to Learn Counting - Counting is considered the first step to learning mathematical concepts. Counting helps in building a strong foundation for complex mathematical concepts. Below we have discussed a few tips that will help your young ones improve their counting game 1. Practice two-digit numbers - Initially, begin counting with one-digits. Once your child has grasped one-digit counting progress to two-digit numbers. Practice reading and writing two-digit numbers to help your child develop a place-value understanding. Many children often make mistakes when they are asked to write numbers in reverse. For example, they confuse 56 and 65 2. Dot-to-dot Activities - Dot-to-dot activities are a great way of improving number recognition. You can easily get these activity books from anywhere or make your own dot-to-dot activity. These activities make number identification and learning fun and challenging for your child. 3. Card game - With a deck of cards, you can improve the comparison skills of your child. Your child can gain important math knowledge and terms, such as less than, greater than, and same as through card games. 4. Mental Math Games - Mental counting games are fun and easier to play as they don’t require any material. You can revise basic counting and can also practice skipping counting by these mental counting games. Start practicing skip counting by 10 and 100. Then try counting by 2s or 5s. the more you practice, the more your child’s cognitive and mathematical skill gets polished.

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