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Counting (Up to 120) Worksheets

Tips for Counting (Up to 120) - Having a clear concept of numbers is crucial for every child's development of mathematical understanding. A clear understanding of numbers helps them develop an ability to count. Helping a child learn to count till 120 can be very challenging. Here are some tips that can help your child learn to count till 120 with ease. - There are so many number rhymes on the internet that can help kids learn to count. - Playing number games with the other kids. - Using dot-to-dot activities as these are great for practicing number identification and counting. - Understanding the concept of adding single- and double-digit numbers. - Use a hundreds chart, which is the perfect tool for learning count till 120. - Try counting the trees on your way to school from home and then back to home. These are some simple tips that can help kids get started with their counting practice. It will make a kid fluent in counting and build a clear concept in their minds. These tips will help in developing an understanding of the numbers in kids who struggle with counting. These worksheets take the progression of counting skills to the next level.

Aligned Standard: Grade 1 Numbers - 1.NBT.1

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Guided Lessons

I concentrate on teaching kids to count by rows.

Practice Worksheets

These worksheets work towards higher levels bouncing off of this skill.

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