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Write the Numbers 1 to 9

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Precursor to Kindergarten - K.CC.A.3

Tips to Teach Youngsters How to Write Numbers 1 to 9 - Most of the time teaching kids is fun. But when it comes to teaching them numbers, it can be a little more frustrating and difficult as you would have expected. In kindergarten, soon after your kid has learnt to count, they are required and expected to write them too. With a reminder that you have to be very patient and understanding, let's share a few tips with you to help students teach how to write 1 to 9. Draft a colorful sheet and allow the students to trace the numbers along the lines. Make sure to keep the sheet really colorful and engaging; this will build their interest. Prepare a sheet with two columns. Draw a few images in one column and write the numbers alongside. Allow the kids to count numbers and write them down in the same column. Make number images. Draw numbers in shapes and images. This is going to be a sheet filled with numbers that are written in shapes. Allow the kids to trace those shapes within the figures, this will help them to learn the transitions of the shape. Give the kids direction, wrote the directions in words. For example; to tell them how to write one; tell them 'start at the top and pull the line straight down'. Ensure to give creative and engaging directions that help them understand the shape of the number. These worksheets and lessons focus on teaching students how to write single digit numbers.

Printable Worksheets and Lessons

Lesson Sheets

Start to count from 1 to 9, and work on basic math- penmanship.

  • Lesson 1 - The number of hens in the above question is 6.

Practice Worksheets

I varied up the placement of the objects. Kids sometimes have trouble moving from counting in straight lines to counting in groups and bunches.

  • Practice 1 - Count the number of leaves and write the number in the space provided.
  • Practice 2 - Count how many hats are present.
  • Practice 3 - How many frogs, bars, and bunnies are there?
  • Practice 4 - Write the number of squares in this image.
  • Practice 5 - Count each set of objects.
  • Practice 6 - Mark how many objects are found in each group.