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Count and Color Worksheets

When we are learning the basics of numeracy and number sense it is important to use hands-on activities in the classroom. When students go home, it is not possible to send them home with those materials. The next best thing is to teach them counting by coloring. These visual prompts and confirmations make life much easier and helps them track where they are going with this. These worksheets and lessons help students begin to understand smaller parts of a group. The leads students towards understanding the basic math operations of addition and subtraction. It also provides a good starting point for fractions which are a few years away.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.B.4a

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Lesson Sheets

Start with counting totals and progress to counting the uncolored items. A build-up to subtraction skills.

  • Lesson 1 - Count all the hearts, 1‐by‐1. Color each one in until you've reached 10.
  • Lesson 2 - Color in 10 clouds.
  • Lesson 3 - Count how many clovers are left uncolored. Write the number of uncolored clovers inside the box provided.
  • Lesson 4 - How many are left uncolored? Leads us to subtraction.
  • Lesson 5 - How many loaves of bread are left uncolored?

Practice Worksheets

All of these sheets prepare kids for addition and subtraction problems.

  • Practice 1 - Color in 10 apples.
  • Practice 2 - What colors will you use for cotton candies?
  • Practice 3 - Write the number of uncolored boxes inside the box provided.
  • Practice 4 - Why not count puzzle pieces and balloons?

Teaching How to Count to 10

1 and 0 make 10.

Counting is an essential math skill that is more than just reciting and learning numbers and the sequence they fall into. Young ones need to understand that numbers are quantities, and they develop this understanding by counting objects or other fun counting activities. Hands-on activities help them better visualize the numbers in certain quantities. I would encourage all teachers to be as hands-on, as possible, with students at this level.

As your young one starts exploring math, learning to count to 10 will be one of their first milestones. Below we have discussed a few tips to help children learn the counting to 10 that are well thought out and used extensively by teachers all over.

Number Rhymes - Youngsters enjoy listening and learning rhymes. You can use rhymes to make your students learn and recite numbers in a fun way. Start rhymes that focus on the first ten numbers like 'five little duck,' 'Hickory Dickory dock.' Hold up your fingers whenever you recite the numbers; it will give your child a sense of numbers. We would encourage you to use all types of different rhymes on a daily basis with students.

Colorful Abacus - A colorful abacus is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged in counting. Line up all the beads on one side and show them how to slide to the other side while counting each sliding bead. With a colorful abacus, you can also teach counting and also make them learn different colors.

Connect the Dots - Connect the dots helps teach numbers with a focus on the order of the numbers. Children have to outline a particular figure or shape in the correct order of numbers. You can make the activity more fun by making your child color the picture once it is completed. We have a bunch of dot to dot worksheets for you here.

Flashcards - Make flashcards from numbers zero to nine and utilize them to play various games. Arrange the numbers randomly and ask your child to put them in the correct sequence. Or you could put flashcards together to make them learn double-digit counting.

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