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Drawing To Count Worksheets

This is a great way to help students learn their basic numeracy skills. Students use their drawing skills to practice counting numbers on these worksheets. How well they draw is not the important part. We want them to focus on the math side of things here and do their best to understand the concept of quantities. I think you find what we put together for you very helpful for your students.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.B.4b

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Lesson Sheets

These worksheets reinforce the concept. They also teach following directions and sentence comprehension.

  • Lesson 1 - Draw 8 circles next to each number. Then, color them in.
  • Lesson 2 - Color in the pears. Then, count the pears. There are 12 pears. Write number "12" in the box provided.
  • Lesson 3 - Count the number of uncolored stars. Write the number "4" in the box provided.
  • Guided Lesson 1 - How many frogs are there? Find the correct number in the boxes below.

Practice Worksheets

You might want them to get in habit of numbering each item as they count it. It helps a lot.

  • Practice 1 - Draw 9 rectangles and color them in.
  • Practice 2 - Color in the objects below and find the total number of objects in each set.
  • Practice 3 - Draw 4 less squares than there are squares in this picture.
  • Practice 4 - Find and mark the number that correctly represents the number of things in each group.

How Drawing Helps You Learn to Count

Computer Drawing

When it comes to drawings, they can be of great help in both the building and understanding of the basic concepts of our world. As they say, drawings and learning go hand in hand, and this is particularly true for kids. This is how your little one can have a quick boost to his/her memory. The visuals help the children to memorize and spot the numbers easily in a bunch of numbers.

A recent study (Fernandes, Wammes, and Meade, 2018) found that students that by just drawing things students retain information for longer periods of time than writing notes, listening to lectures, or viewing images. The study goes on to show that students that drew information remembered nearly twice as much as students that wrote it. This is all regardless of their artistic talent. It is thought that drawing taps into all the different domains of learning (linguistic, kinesthetic, and visual). This establishes a deeper root in our brains and that is why we hold on to it longer.

Have you ever seen number books? They always tend to play a great role in making things easier for the kids. A number book filled with colorful images and numbers leaves an impact on the minds of the children. Similarly, a number represented with drawings and images will from an impact on the minds of the youngsters.

A drawing with each number is makes it easy for the youngsters to recognize the number and learn to count. With an addition of drawings in each number, the kids get an idea how a number is added each time in the previous number to get the next number.

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