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Number Names Worksheets

Being able to match numbers to words (names) that represent them is normally the first time in a student's life where language arts crosses over with math. It is good to encourage students to continue on with this skill as their number vocabulary increases. When you first begin working with preschoolers you may think that most students will already have this skill mastered, but I have slowly seen student ability to decay in regard to this skill over the last decade. These lessons and worksheets help students learn the words that represent numbers.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.7

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Teaching Number Names

Colorful Numbers

To teach a young child about matching numbers to words can be tricky. However, you have to keep a few things in mind before you go through with it. Firstly, it's better to give them physical objects rather than drawing objects on the board. For instance, give them 5 apples and write “five” on an index card. With such activities, the children will remember the number and its matching word efficiently. You can also create songs that create different songs or poems to help the children learn to count and matching numbers. You have to be creative in your approach and use lots of real-world examples to make them understand the concept.

This is a skill that I would build into the routine of everyday and have students create number and word flashcards. One side write the number and the same number of dots on it, flip the card over and write the corresponding number name in words. Yes, they can study from these, but the goal is to use as class choral item. Routinely start class with a visual that you ask a question about. Like how many puppies are in this picture. Students then have to reach into their card pile and find the right card. You can alternate the response, sometimes as for the number side and other times ask for the word side.

This is a skill that many students will show up to class with on day one and then a skill that completely escapes many of there classmates. This creates what I refer to as the Digit Divide. To fill that gap, focus on immensely fun activities for the class as a whole. For students that are still having difficulty I would recommend you get them working regularly with computer games.

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