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Comparing Numbers Up To 10 Worksheets

This is a topic that really centers around two concepts. Students need to first understand the concept of quantity. A great way to approach this is using a number line with students. The progression of left to right should be a familiar concept for them. On most of the video games that they play the loading symbol usually flows as a number line. The second concept that students then need is relative position on that number line. This allows them to actually have an understanding of which of the two values is larger or smaller. This is a very important concept of number sense that students need to master early.These worksheets and lessons help students learn how compare single integers up to the number ten.

Aligned Standard: Kindergarten - K.CC.7

How Do You Compare the Value of Numbers?

1 and 0 Talking

In mathematics, understanding different types of numbers and comparing them is crucial. Numeracy skills that involve number sense, recognition, reading, and writing numbers are often an overlooked portion of the curriculum. These are foundational skills that allow students to progress further in math.

When we first begin to compare values, it is important to identify the relationship between both integers. There are three ways that we can compare different numbers, and these include less, more, and equal. This all depends on how the values relate to one another and the order in which they are presented in.

Equal to same is a way of saying that two numbers are of the same value, and we use the equals sign to represent the information "=." This should always be your first check when comparing values. Ask yourself, “Are they equal?” If they are just use the equals symbol and you are done. If one of digits is larger than the other, you would move on to determining which value is larger or smaller.

Less than is a way of saying that a number is of a lower value in comparison to another value. It is written as "<." This is displayed in the math statement of: Small number < Big Number. More or greater than is a way of saying that a number is of greater or higher value in comparison to the number that appears after it. It is written as ">"." It would be displayed as Big Number > Small Number. The small end of less-than-or-greater-than sign points towards the smaller number while the bigger endpoints towards the bigger number. A quick trick that you can use when you are sure that one value is larger than another is to always point the comparison symbol towards the smaller value. If you look above this always works.

When we are teaching this concept in class it is always best to take on a hands-on approach. There are so many different ways to achieve this. You can use playing cards (non-face cards), numbered cards, plastic numbers. Then find two different types of manipulatives that students can count like blocks or little figures. Have students count and then decide how they would describe the relationship between the two values.

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