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Number Line Addition

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Kindergarten Operations - K.NBT.A.1

How Using a Number Line Can Help You Learn to Add - There is a plethora of tools that help in simplifying mathematical problems. These tools can make it easy for students to solve problems in a shorter time with ease. One such tool is a number line. It is a tool that is easy to use and can make it easy for students to add, subtract, and even multiply numbers. A number line is a series of numbers that are placed on a straight line in an ascending order. Students can make a number line as per the question they are solving. A number line can be used to represent both positive as well as negative integers. When adding two numbers using a number line, what a student has to do is locate the first number on the number line and then use a pencil to make skips equal to the second number. For example, of you are adding 5 into 10. You locate 10 on the number line and make five skips to get the final answer. This series of worksheets has students model addition with the use of a numbers line.