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Comparing Worksheets for Kindergarten

You might have seen this topic and thought to yourself, “How does this page of teacher resources differ from the other topic that is on this exact standard?” We issued the other page you are referring to first and we got feedback from many different teachers. While the ultimate goal is to compare integers, students often get hung up on the basic concept of waging a comparison in general. We wrote this series of resources to target that particular skill putting the integers aside and focusing on just comparing anything. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how to compare groups of images which leads them towards understanding how to compare integers. The values are present in word and visual form.

Aligned Standard: Kindergarten - K.CC.7

How Do You Teach Kindergarteners to Compare?

1, 2, 3

About every two years I tend to accept a student teacher to work with me for about three months. I find this particular topic to be taught differently by ever student teacher I have ever had. You can quickly see who is playing the long game and who did not put a great deal of effort into the lesson. If you truly are attempting to help students master this concept there is a logical progression that takes a good amount of time.

One to One Matching - Students at this stage most likely do not know how to count or at least are still having a bit of trouble with it. I like to approach this by having them work with hands-on blocks or Legos. I use blocks that are identical in every way (shape, size, color). I will build a stack of them and ask students to match that exact stack of blocks. I have seen a teachers work on width rather than height. I find that students get the concept of height much quicker.

Not Equal (Inequality) - This all starts with introducing the vocabulary words “more” and “less”. When then go back to the blocks and have students go through several exercises that reinforces them identifying which pile of blocks is more and which are less. A good habit to get into is once students have a good handle on this concept, I introduce blocks with different colors. This way they do not get stuck sense of appearance.

Comparing Three Things - Until now students have just been focused on two things. If you add a third object, this heats thing up. This is slightly more complex and can result in two comparisons in one. I ask students to describe two things when comparing this group.

Reorientate the Comparison - Remember how I said that it was smart to start with vertical comparisons? I would now switch it up, make it horizontal. It is also a good idea to mix up the items you are comparing. This way students really get a great deal more comfortable with this concept just a bit outside their comfort zone.

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