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Kindergarten Math Posters

Counting BeeHive Preview

These are great to use every week of the year. The are colorful and make for great visual inspiration in your class. Posters are great to have available in different areas of your class. Many students hang them on their own walls at home to help them day in and day out.

Counting Skills

Counting to 100 - K.CC.A.1

  • Parrot's Cove - A similar chart, but it pairs it by the tens place value.

Counting Forward - K.CC.A.1

Skip Counting by 2s - K.CC.A.2

Skip Counting By 3s - K.CC.A.2

Counting Objects to 20 - K.CC.A.3

Using Ordinal Numbers - K.CC.2, K.CC.4

Understanding Cardinal Numbers - K.CC.4

  • Understanding Cardinal Numbers - Elephant is first. It is number 1 Giraffe is second. It is number 2 Lion is third. It is number 3 Zebra is fourth. It is number 4

  • Cardinal Numbers - Onion is last. It is at number 7. So, there were 7 vegetables in the competition.

How Many There Are Present - K.CC.5

Number Comparisons - K.CC.7

Naming Numbers - K.CC.7

Comparing Numbers Up to 10 - K.CC.6, CC.7

  • I Can Compare To Ten - I want to put all the T-shirts with numbers bigger than 6 on the black hanger and smaller than 6 on the red hanger.

Operation Skills

Adding and Subtracting Up to 5 - K.OA.1. , OA.5

Number Line Subtraction - K.OA.A.1

  • I Fly 10 Places - I fly 10 places. I fly 7 places. The difference is 10 - 7

Picture Subtraction - K.OA.A.1

  • Froggy - Remove what you see here.

Basic Addition and Subtraction Word Problems - K.OA.A.2

Decomposing Numbers Up To 20 - K.OA.3

Making The Number Ten - K.OA.4

Number Skills

Ones and Tens Place Value Blocks - K.NBT.A.1

Number Line Addition - K.NBT.A.1

  • Using Number Lines - Start at 0, Jump 6 places and then jump another 3. That's the answer!

Picture Addition - K.NBT.A.1

Measurement Skills

Describing Measurements - K.MD.A.1

Comparing Measures - K.MD.A.2

Above and Below, Left and Right - K.MD.A.2

  • All Directions - Little fish were swimming together and then comes a shark.

  • Up In The Tree - The Old Owl is on the LEFT while the crow is on the RIGHT of the monkey.

Big and Small - K.MD.A.2

Who Weighs More or Less? - K.MD.A.2

What Doesn't Belong? - K.MD.3

Classifying Objects into Groups - K.MD.3

Geometry Skills

Relative Position - K.G.A.1

  • Relative Position - The LION is BEHIND me. The BEAR is IN FRONT of me. The RABBIT is sitting UNDER me. The STORK is flying ABOVE me.

Recognize Shapes - K.G.A.2, G.3

Analyzing Shapes - K.G.4, G.5, G.6