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Making Sums To Ten

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Kindergarten - OA.4

How to Teach Making a Value of Ten - Being a teacher is not an easy job. We get it, and we also understand how sometimes everything gets overwhelming. Especially when you are a math teacher, you have lots of concepts that need to be taught. When you are teaching little kids, it is important that you stay engaging and logical to make them learn stuff. So how do you teach them to make ten? Its very simple! The first way you can use is to make them sing the counting song. Once they know the numbers, you have to give direction to their thinking. You can use different toys. Toys are probably the easiest ways of getting the attention of children. You can place toys into two groups and ask them to take 10 toys. Or you can take one group and ask them to add more till it becomes 10. Flashcards and tracing cards are amazing. Children are quite attracted to shiny, glittery things and when you show these flashcards, they are sure to come running eagerly to learn what they have to. Don’t forget to use worksheets. Help them count and draw different things in an odd amount. Then ask them to color only 10 objects. Here are some quick tips to help you in teaching mathematics to your students. Good luck! This selection of worksheets and lessons help students learn how to make sums to the value of ten.

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