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Making Tens Worksheets

When I first started teaching, I would start by teaching students their numbers to five first and then move on to ten. I found that the way that students are first introduced to a concept sticks with them. So that group that started with fives had a little bit of trouble when we moved to things that revolved around the base ten number system. Students that learned to count to ten saw tens as the standard system. That is why I have found it important to focus on counting to ten first. This selection of worksheets and lessons help students learn how to make sums to the value of ten. I would suggest that you encourage them to count up to make ten and then count back down to check their work.

Aligned Standard: Kindergarten - OA.4

How to Teach the Creation of a Value of Ten

Happy Number 10

Being a teacher is not an easy job. We get it, we are teachers ourselves. We also understand how sometimes everything gets overwhelming. Especially when you are teaching math, you have lots of concepts that need to be taught. When you are teaching little kids, it is important that you stay engaging and logical to help them stay engaged and interested in the process. So how do you teach them to make ten? It is a very simple concept, but not all kids take right to it!

The first method that we would suggest is to help your students make use of music. Have your students sing the counting song. Yes, there are a bunch of different songs to choose from. Once they know the numbers, you have to help them learn to associate numbers with the concept of quantity. You can use different toys. Toys are probably the easiest ways of getting the attention of children. You can place toys into two groups and ask them to take 10 toys. Or you can take one group and ask them to add more till it becomes 10. Flashcards and tracing cards are amazing. Children are quite attracted to shiny, glittery things and when you show these flashcards, they are sure to come running eagerly to learn what they have to. Don’t forget to use counting worksheets for even more practice. Help them count and draw different things in an odd amount. Then ask them to color only 10 objects. Good luck!

Once they have a decent handle on the concept, I like to reinforce it by playing counting games with them. One good way to do this is to have your students help you with an important task. A great way to do this is setup a formal dining table for ten people with all types of missing items. Such as instead of having 10 spoons, only place 4 on the table. Have them learn to determine that you need 6 more to be complete.

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