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Picture Addition

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Kindergarten Operations - K.NBT.A.1

The Benefits of Using Images to Learn to Add - Mathematics educators have always considered visual aid as one of the most effective ways of making students to learn basic math operations. Using visual aids ensures that students are engaged in the calculation process as most tend to avoid math problems. Most of the time, teachers use pictures of animals, fruits and vegetables, and other everyday objects to aid the process of mathematics. This is because, students develop more interest towards it and can use this approach when they are at home, in the park or anywhere close to the nature. Visual aid also helps students develop their create mentality allowing them to pay more attention to the environment around them and get out of the traditional counting approach. Last but not the least, using images can help students learn addition and other basic operations outside the conventional norm of the process. These worksheets and lessons have students use images to assist them in simple sum problems.

Addition Tips for Youngsters

Learning to add with the help of pictures is great. One piece of advice we have you with these worksheets is to number each of the pictures. This will make it much easier for you. If you think of addition as just counting upward, it becomes a much more doable task. If you think of this problem: 4 + 3 as starting at 4 and counting up three, you will quickly see that the answer is 7. Another way to adapt this strategy to work for you is to breakdown large numbers into skip counts. For example, with the problem: 8 + 14 we can break 8 down into 4 skip counts of 2s. Another good strategy is to pull out 10s when they form. If you are adding the following: 4 + 8 + 5. 4 + 8 leads us to 12. If we just think of that as a 2 and pull the 10 out, it makes it easier to approach the next addend that is 5. When it comes to addition, you cannot leave out the need for practice. The more repetitions you get with this, the better you will do with it for certain.