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Relative Position

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Kindergarten Level - G.1

The position of anything is something that describes where an object is placed or sitting within a defined area is often carefully thought out and well planned. The common way to propose this is to use relationships based on a predefined survey of an area of possible position. This is like saying the ball is on the bottom part of the map. Relative position is when you define the location of something in the relation to another thing. An example of this, in the same regards, would be saying the ball is twenty-eight yards west of the Smith’s house. Assuming the Smith’s home is easy to locate, this also makes locating the ball much easier as well. This greatly differs from the concept of fixed position which requires the use of a well-defined construct or map to pinpoint the exact location of an object. Relative position and being able to assign it is a strong skill for any job that requires precision of location. This immense collection of worksheets and quizzes will enable students to target the exact location that they are referring to in relation to another. This is a critical skill to have mastered before you enter the workforce. Being able to explain yourself is one of the major keys to communicating with others.

Relative Position Printable Worksheets And Lessons

What is Relative Position? A relative position is mathematics is a location of an object based on the position of another object. Suppose that two people are under the surface of the sea or bottom of the ocean. One of them is you and looking to find something valuable, may be a treasure. Given that the ocean floor is too big, when you find something how to tell your friend where you need to look? To solve this problem, we need to understand the concept of relative position so that you can describe your position in relation to another position but one of the objects or individuals need to be at a fixed position to help find something relative to it. For example, you and your friend are deep into the ocean and you see an object and it is in front of you on to the right. Then you need to make sure that your partner knows about it and that can be done while you are being the fixed point. Then you can guide the person on to the object in reference from you.