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Describing and Comparing Measurements

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Kindergarten - MD.1

How to Describe Measurements - This discipline of Science is filled with different forms of measurements. Many times, students aren't able to understand what measurements are. They tend to get confused that results in mixing up their pre-developed concepts about measurements. In order not to get into a situation like this one, it is crucial to understand the definition of measurement. And every student must tell how to define measurements. How to define measurements? Measurement can be defined as the act of determining the depth, capacity, length, weight, height or any other capacity of a target. A number of terms are similar to measurement, but they vary according to the problem it is measured in. Generally defining, measurement is an action defined in the term of the instrument. The common measurements are: Length: It is a linear measurement of anything from end to end. The linear measurement means you can use it to measure the distance between two points.Width: It is the measurement of something from side to side. Height: It is the measurement of something from head to toe. Depth: It is the measurement of something from the top of the surface to the bottom. These worksheets teach students how to describe measurements they have made and how to compare them to others.

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