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8th Grade Math Worksheets

Geometry gets much more difficult at this level. Algebra begins to take part in the mix and is expected to be understood. Three step problems become commonplace and are required to complete the majority of the problem types that you will encounter. Functions become very routine and students need to have a full grasp of the difference between equations and expressions. We also have 8th grade math posters. Having access to our 8th grade math tests can be really helpful for students and teachers.

The Number System

Expressions and Equations



Statistics & Probability

What Math Skills Should a Student Entering High School Have?

Are you entering high school and fretting over what mathematical skills should you have? Are you in 8th grade and getting ready to go to the Big House soon? Undoubtedly, entering high school calls for having strong mathematical and analytical skills. They are of vital importance in dealing with complex statistical and mathematical concepts. Beyond academia, mathematical knowledge increases the ability to exercise judgment and logic in your daily life. Regardless of how well you have performed in the previous classes, high school needs you to upgrade and enhance your mathematical skills. The following are the mathematical skills you need to enter before you enter high school.

Number Sense and Operations: To be able to deal with all arithmetic facets, you need to be well-versed with the concept of absolute numbers, the order of operations, ratio and proportions, the concept of real, rational and complex numbers.

Algebra, Functions, and Modeling: The use of algebraic models is very common in the engineering and technological fields when devising budgets and exploring unknown quantities. This skill also requires being able to translate words into numbers.

Geometry: This skill involves requiring interpretation of basic geometrical concepts, understanding corresponding or congruent angels. Finding arc lengths, volumes, and area all two-dimensional shapes.

Probability and Statistics: when interpreting and organizing data to conclude quantitative data, having probability and statistical skills are essential for high school.

As students transition from the 8th grade to high school, we see an increased level of math anxiety in the student population as a whole. It may be related to the increased testing and generalized assessments. Social pressures also encourage students to conform to general statement that they do not like math or that it is too hard. It is easier to say that then to push through and give your best effort. You will see that students tend to avoid things that they fear or have had a negative experience with. As is true of people of all ages. You can help overcome this, as a teacher or parent, by creating a positive environment where math is seen as a fun challenge. It also helps to help students who are struggling in small groups or one on one. The most important thing to remember is to be there for your students answer questions and model a positive math environment at all times. When things are not viewed as impossible, students will have a better mindset to work with.

The 8th Grade Math Curriculum

As with all levels of the math curriculum there is a great deal of spiral learning here. Which means that students are building off of their prior knowledge of topics in many areas. The curriculum is broken into five major areas but having taught it for over a decade I can assure that are great deal of emphasis is set in certain areas. I feel like the concentrations on the units that involve number system, statistics, and probability are very short and they are solely taking what the students already know and help them elevate just a bit more.

The greatest amount of time is spent on helping students to start thinking algebraically. It begins with transitioning order of operations skills to solving single step equations. Students leaning heavily on understanding the properties of operations such as the associative, communicative, and distributive properties. The goal is to make them comfortable with manipulating expressions and equations so that they can advance further. They then advance to working with linear equations and interpreting data sets to locate trends, patterns, and even outliers that may exist. The focus of all this is to help students understand how to identify quantitative relationships that can be found within data sets.

Geometry also has a strong presence at this level. Previously students focused on naming shapes and some properties that they may have. At the 8th grade level students now begin to not only measure sides, angles, and planes; they learn to calculate missing or unknown values based on geometric postulates and theorems. Working of the concepts of similarity and congruence students begin to write mathematical proofs.

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