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Grade 8 Math Worksheets

Geometry gets much more difficult at this level. Algebra begins to take part in the mix and is expected to be understood. Three step problems become commonplace and are required to complete the majority of the problem types that you will encounter. Functions become very routine and students need to have a full grasp of the difference between equations and expressions. We also have 8th Grade Math Posters.

The Number System

Irrational Numbers and Decimal Expansion- 8.NS.A.1

Approximations of Irrational Numbers- 8.NS.A.2


Expressions and Equations

Properties of Integer Exponents - 8.EE.A.1

Evaluating Negative Exponents - 8.EE.A.1

Products of Exponents (Product Rule)- 8.EE.A.1

Products and Quotients to a Power - 8.EE.A.1

Quotients of Exponents- 8.EE.A.1

Zero and Negative Exponents- 8.EE.A.1

Square and Cube Roots- 8.EE.A.2

Square Root Word Problems - 8.EE.A.2

Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation- 8.EE.A.3

Scientific Notation Word Problems- 8.EE.A.4

Scientific Notation Addition and Subtraction - 8.EE.A.4

Scientific Notation Multiplication and Division - 8.EE.A.4

Graphing Proportional Relationships- 8.EE.B.5

Using Similar Triangles to Find Slope - 8.EE.B.6

Linear Equations in One Variable- 8.EE.C.7a

Simultaneous Linear Equations- 8.EE.C.7b

Two Linear Equations in Two Variables- 8.EE.C.8



Functions as Inputs and Outputs- 8.F.A.1

Solving Basic Function Tables - 8.F.A.1

Comparing Properties of Two Functions- 8.F.A.2

Equation of a Straight Line- 8.F.B.3

Using Functions to Model a Linear Relationship - 8.F.B.4

Point and Slope- 8.F.B.4

Understanding the y-Intercept- 8.F.B.4

Analyzing Functional Relationships by Graphing - 8.F.B.5



Properties of Rotations, Reflections, and Translations- 8.G.A.1

Two-dimensional Congruent Figures- 8.G.A.2

Understanding Congruent Shapes - 8.G.A.2

Dilations, Translations, Rotations, and Reflections- 8.G.A.3

Understanding Similar Figures- 8.G.A.4

Angle Sums and Exterior Angles of Triangles- 8.G.A.5

Pythagorean Theorem Proofs and its Converse - 8.G.B.6

Unknown Side Lengths in Right Triangle- 8.G.B.7

Pythagorean Theorem On Coordinate Systems- 8.G.B.8

Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems - 8.G.B.8

Volumes of Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres - 8.G.C.9


Statistics & Probability

Scatter Plots for Bivariate Data- 8.SP.A.1

Using Straight Lines to Model Relationships - 8.SP.A.2

Interpreting Slope and Intercept- 8.SP.A.3

Patterns of Association (Using Data Tables)- 8.SP.A.4