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Square Root Word Problems

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Grade 8 Number System - 8.EE.A.2

What is Square Footage? If someone asks your age, you say "I'm 13 years old." Isn't that correct? You use "years old" to imply that you are thirteen years of age. Just like that, when we are talking about a large surface area, we denote it by saying "This flat is 700 square foot." So what is square foot? Let's take a look at it. Take your room for example. It covers up a large space in your house. The space it it covers is known as surface area. Now when you measure the surface area, you will calculate it in square foot. Just like for measuring time use seconds or minutes, for surface area, the S.I unit is known as square foot. We calculate the surface areas of various shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles and many more! These worksheets and lessons provide practice word problems that require the use of a square root at some point in the process.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Estimating Square Roots Word Problems

You will need to round through out these problems.

  • Sheet 2 - Lucy has a square table that has an area of 1.4 square meters. She buys a table cloth with an area of 2.4 square meters. How many centimeters does the cloth hang over the table on each side if put centered?
  • Sheet 3 - Tim wants to put shutters on his square window. The window has an area of 1625 square inches. How high are the shutters if they are square and have an area of 2480 square inches?
  • Sheet 4 - The surface of a square swimming pool has an area of 51 square yards. Around the pool there is a paved way that is 0.5 yards wide. What is the length of each side of the pool?

Exact Square Root Word Problems

We covered just about every scenario we have ever seen on national exams with these problems.

  • Sheet 2 - Sally has a bag with cubes. 9 of them are red and 16 are blue. If she makes a square that consists of all the bricks, how many bricks would be on each side?
  • Sheet 3 - Carry has 169 flower seedlings and wants to plant them into a square bed. If she puts only 13 seedlings in a row but bought 196, can the remaining seedlings be used to form another square bed? How many seedlings would be on a row of this bed?
  • Sheet 4 - In a town, a new big playground is built on a square area of 400 square yards. It will be divided into four equal square zones for different age groups. How many modules can be put in a row on one side of one zone without surpassing it?