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Products of Exponents (Product Rule)

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 8 Expressions - 8.EE.A.1

These worksheets and lessons help students learn how to multiply values that have attached exponents.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Multiplying Positive Exponents Sheets

We start easy with monomials.

  • Sheet 1 - Solve the following problems.
  • Sheet 2 - Find the products of values that contain exponents.
  • Sheet 3 - These contain binomials.

Multiple Variable Product Exponents Worksheets

The difficulty progresses here. Remember your answers should only include positive exponents.

  • Practice 1 - These will take some time hang it out there.
  • Practice 2 - You will find fractional values.
  • Practice 3 - Trinomials start to show up here.
  • Practice 4 - You will find a mixed values appear here.

Product Rule with Variables Worksheets

Simplify using the product rule for exponents.

  • Practice 1 - Negative exponent will appear here.
  • Practice 2 - We introduce parentheses in these at this point.
  • Practice 3 - Hint: All of the answers will have positive exponents.
  • Practice 4 - A mix of negative exponents do a wild mix of problems.

Multiple Digit Product Rule Problems Sheets

This is your basic simple products with additional an additional exponential value.

  • Sheet 1 - Tons of fractions are jumped around.
  • Sheet 2 - Apply the product rule to solve the problems.
  • Sheet 3 - Just add up those exponents.

Find the Product of Positive and Negative Exponents Sheets

You will also need to pay attention to the non-exponential value as well.

  • Sheet 1 - Simple binomials are found up here.
  • Sheet 2 - Some unknown variables and some not.
  • Sheet 3 - All problems have the same variable inside.

Basic Product Rule Form

The work off of the practice sheet that was first presented above.