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7th Grade Math Worksheets

At this level students start getting much more familiar with equations and the use of expressions. The heat is turned up on geometry as they start to introduce just a little bit of trigonometry too. Statistics and probability is the most noticeable advance at this level. We venture into the use of compound events. Many students find it to be challenging. Grade 7 Math Posters can be a super help too.

Ratios & Proportional Relationships Worksheets

The Number System Worksheets

Expressions and Equations Worksheets


Statistics & Probability

What do students learn in Grade 7 math class?

Children that are studying in 7th grade are sharp and have the ability to grasp many math operations. Students in 7th grade are taught to solve math problems that touch every sub topic tactfully. The math curriculum covers all math strands and is not limited to just arithmetic. The most important math standards for this curriculum include number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, and spatial sense, measurements, data analysis, and probability. For students to clearly understand these concepts, interactive activities should be introduced. Worksheets, learning games, and assessments all contribute to critical thinking and efficient problem solving. With the help of various learning tools, students take more interest and readily solve math questions.

Traits of Highly Effective Grade 7 Math Students

This is a very intimidating grade level for students, especially those students who have not had much success with the subject of math in the past. There are number of habits that we see common amongst students that thrive at this level. The first trait we see commonly among successful students is patience. When you reach this level, the problems will require more reading and more thought. Make sure that you organize yourself and slowly progress through these problems and exercises. When you first begin working at this level, take your time and organize your thought process. It is even good to get in the habit of outlining how you solve problems. You will make many mistakes along the way and that is perfectly naturally and learning from them will help you get it right. Which leads us to the second common trait shared by successful students and that is persistence. You will get problems wrong, you may even botch entire concepts, but if you stick at it, you will eventually begin to fully understand what is expected of you. The only thing you can count on in math is that there is rarely only one way to come to the correct conclusion. Stick it out through those tougher exercises and make that a personal habit. The last trait we see common among highly effective students is self-recognition. Understanding which study technique works best for you to be successful is key. If something did not work for you, try a different method. Rinse and repeat that until you find a winning formula. Even after you find out what works, keep fine tuning it.

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