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3 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets

3 dimensional shapes have three measures: height, width, and depth. The flat surfaces of these figures are called faces. When two faces meet together, we call that an edge. When several faces meet together, they will form a corner. We call the point where that meeting takes place a vertices. We define all these shapes by the number of vertices, edges, and faces that they possess. For example, a cube is composed of 8 vertices, 12 edges, and 6 faces. Do you remember that last pair of dice you rolled in a board game? Those each were cubes. This section is devoted to help students understand how to take apart and put together 3 dimensional figures of all different types. These worksheets and lessons will help students break apart three dimensional shapes into their features.

Aligned Standard: Grade 7 Geometry - 7.G.A.3

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Homework Sheets

Pay close attention to the arrow or the position of view.

  • Homework 1 - If you were to look at this object from the right side, what will you see?
  • Homework 2 - Look at this figure below. If you see this shape from the right, what would you see?
  • Homework 3 - If you were to look at this object from the current position, what will you see?

Practice Worksheets

These are some of my favorite worksheets because they challenge you on many fronts.

  • Practice 1 - If you were to look at this object from the side, what will you see?
  • Practice 2 - If you see this shape from the top, based on its current position, what would you see?
  • Practice 3 - Look at this figure below. If you were to look at the shape from your current position, what would you?

Math Skill Quizzes

The precise with which these were put together was better than just about any of my other work.

  • Quiz 1 - Name the shape you would see if you were to view the shape from the arrows position?
  • Quiz 2 - More arrows to examine from different angles.
  • Quiz 3 - If you were to view the shape from the middle, what would you see?

How to Decompose 3 Dimensional Figures

Decomposing a figure means that we are breaking it into a series of smaller parts. When you have a very large room in your home, you can break it into more smaller rooms. The concept here is very similar. Decomposing shapes is a handy skill to have, and kids should be familiar with it as it is very useful in many professions in the future. Decomposing 3D shapes allows students to have a better understanding of edges, faces, and vertices through pictorial aid.

For example, when decomposing a cube. Kids need to look at the real cube from all sides and identify what the shapes that are included in the figure are. Once the evaluation is done, students can easily make smaller pieces of those shapes and then connect them.

Here is how you do it. There are six faces of a cube. All the faces are equal and square-shaped.

Create different nets of a rectangular prism on a one-inch graph paper. Find rectangles with the same dimensions and then color them the same. It implies that you will have three sets of rectangles, all equal in size. Cut around the outside of the net. Repeat the process for different net sizes.

Why Does View Perspective Matter in 3 Dimensions?

Up to this point we have looked at most 2 dimensional figures that are flat and on our papers. It does not matter which way you turn or orientate that paper; the same two dimensions are visible. The tricky thing about having an extra dimension is that it is depth. Depth is very hard to gauge, unless you have two points of reference, where it starts and where it ends. When we are looking at something from one side of a 3D object, we cannot see the back side, but if they are symmetrical, we can quick understand what is going on the other side. The best way to understand a 3D object is to view it from the front, top, and end. This will allow you to thoroughly gauge the object.

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