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Scale Drawings of Geometric Figures Worksheets

How to make Scale Drawings of Geometric Figures? Several concepts in mathematics are frequently used in our daily lives. One such geometrical concept is making scaled drawings of geometric figures. Construction companies have architects, civil engineers, and urban engineers on board who have to create designs of houses and buildings. In reality, these buildings are hundreds of meters tall, and it is humanly impossible to get these designs on paper. It is due to this reason we use the concept of scaled drawings to bring the design on paper. Before a building is constructed, architects and engineers draw its dimensioned drawings. Creating scaled drawings might seem like a challenge, but it really is not. Step 1: Start by deciding the actual dimensions of the structure - Look at what is given to you. Step 2: Choose a ratio for your scaled drawing - For example, the dimensions of the building are 100x75x75feet. You can choose a suitable ratio that allows you to bring these dimensions to your paper. Here you can choose a ratio of 1:10, which means 1cm will represent 10 feet on paper. Step 3: Convert the actual dimensions into scaled dimensions - You can use the unitary method to convert the actual dimensions into scaled dimensions Height: 100/10=10cm Width: 75/10=7.5cm Length: 75/10=7.5cm Step 4: Start drawing - It is that simple. The secret to drawing an accurately scaled drawing is to choose the right ratios. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how to make scale drawings of known geometric shapes.

Aligned Standard: Grade 7 Geometry - 7.G.A.1

  • Room Construction Step-by-step Lesson- Every builder you ever run into should have these skills down pat. If they don't, never hire them.
  • Guided Lesson - Maybe contractors should take a math test like this before they can register and provide people service. It is the math they use everyday.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - This took me forever to cut to a single page. I removed two or three steps to get there.
  • Practice Worksheet - Some of these are really tough and take a long time. My husband corrected my answer key only to find out he didn't fully grasp the concepts.
  • Matching Worksheet - This is definitely one of your more difficult skills for this grade level.
  • Scale Factors Five Worksheet Pack - Convert the size of the model to actual size using the given scale factors.
  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

I always thought that these problems were a little out of place for this standard.

  • Homework 1 - Jacob makes a drawing of her room (drawn to scale). If each 5 cm on the scale drawing equals 10 ft, what are the actual dimensions of Jacob’s room?
  • Homework 2 - You need to scale the following shape by a factor of 5, what will be the perimeter of the new rectangle?
  • Homework 3 - Mason goes from Babylon to Bay Shore. The distance between Babylon to Bay Shore, on a map, is 250cm. If each 10 cm on the map scale drawing equals 10 kilometer, how far apart are Babylon and Bay Shore?

Practice Worksheets

Skip around working with parallelograms, rectangles, and putting it all together on blue prints.

  • Practice 1 - If the shape below is enlarged using a scale factor of 1.1, what will be the perimeter and area of the new parallelogram?
  • Practice 2 - You need to scale the following shape by a factor of 5.0, what will be the parameter of the new rectangle?
  • Practice 3 - William makes a drawing of her office. If each 10 cm on the scale equals 8 ft, what are the actual dimensions of office?

Math Skill Quizzes

My quizzes mimic the exact question formats that I have seen pushed at this core standard.

  • Quiz 1 - Ashley makes a scale drawing of the distance between June City and Bombay. On a map, the distance between June city and Bombay. is 50 cm. If each 5cm on the scale equals 50 kilometers, how far apart are June city and Bombay?
  • Quiz 2 - The scale of a map is 5m =5000mm Map: 12 m Actual: ______ mm
  • Quiz 3 - Ryan goes to the Tokyo from Kawaguchi. The distance between Tokyo and Kawaguchi, on a map, is 100 cm. If each 10 cm on the map scale drawing equals 10 kilometers, how far apart are the Tokyo and Kawaguchi?

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