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Rewriting Expressions

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Grade 7 Expression & Equations - 7.EE.A.2

Rewriting Algebraic Expressions - There is more than one way to rewrite an algebraic expression. For example, the term rewriting an algebraic expression means that the equation needs to be rewritten in a relatively shorter and simpler format. For example, in an athematic expression 2³ + 2⁵ = 2⁸. The powers in this condition have been added with each other because the constant or the base term was the same. 1. We apply the same tactic in algebraic expressions, as well. For example, x ³ + x ⁵ = x⁸. 2. When the expression involves division, then the powers need to be subtracted. The power of the denominator will be deducted from the power of numerator. For example, x^5 / x^3 = x^2. Using these two steps, you can easily rewrite your algebraic expressions in a much simpler and shorter format. 3. Now comes raising to the power of or algebraic expressions involving multiple powers. In that case, the powers will be multiplied with each other. Here is an example (x^3) ^5 = x^15

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Create an Expression Step-by-step Lesson- We need you to determine how much Madison will make next year based on his salary increase.

  • Guided Lesson - These scenarios will require you to create expressions to work towards solving them.

  • Guided Lesson Explanation - Remember, these are very basic expressions just meant to be introductory at this point.

  • Practice Worksheet - When students complete this one, they should have a good handle on the skill.

  • Matching Worksheet - Match the word problem to the expression that represents it.

  • Homework Sheets

    Use an expression to solve the word problems.

    • Homework 1 - Allen gets a 4% raise every year. He made a salary of $40,000 this year. How much will he make next year?
    • Homework 2 - All varieties of dogs are $50. Anna buys a pug and a pit bull. Write an expression that represents the total cost, T of the dogs if p represents the number of pug dogs and b represents the number of pit bulls.
    • Homework 3 - Rachel sold 55 bears this week. The sale of bears grows by 5% every week. What will be the next sales of bears?

    Practice Worksheets

    These are aimed at a more intermediate level.

    • Practice 1 - Aiden wants to buy chocolates. All varieties of chocolates are $6.50 each. Aiden buys one dairy-milk chocolate and one Bourneville chocolate. Write an expression that represents the total cost, T, of the candy if d represents the number of dairy-milk chocolate and b represents the number of Bourneville chocolate.
    • Practice 2 - Jacob gets an 8% raise every year. He made a salary of $70,000 this year. How much will he make next year?
    • Practice 3 - Michael fills 3 pages in one hour. David fills 5 pages in one hour. This week Michael fills 2 pages extra. Write an expression that represents the weekly number of pages by both. M= the number of hours that Michael fills pages this week. D= the number of hours that David fills pages this week?

    Math Skill Quizzes

    Make sure that you hone your decimal, fraction, percentage conversions before working on these.

    • Quiz 1 - Denny eats 2 burgers per hour. John eats 3 burgers per hour. This week John eats an additional 3 burgers. Write an expression that represents the number of burgers they ate this week.
    • Quiz 2 - The height of snake is 200cm. Every day it grows by 2%. What will be the snake height tomorrow?
    • Quiz 3 - All varieties of burgers are $3.50. Justin buys veggie burgers and non-veggie burgers. Write an expression that represents the total cost, T, of the clocks if (a) represents the number of veggie burgers and (n) represents the number of non-veggie burgers.