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The Constant of Proportionality

Core Standard: 7.RP.A.2b

Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 7 Proportional Relationships- 7.RP.A.2b

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Graph Work Step-by-step Lesson- Find the constant within the line graph.

  • Guided Lesson - You will find three graphs that you need to work with. They mimic most test questions on this skill that I have seen.

  • Guided Lesson Explanation - I tried to simplify how I answered these questions. Students seemed to work well with it when I tested it on my guinea pigs; A.K.A. my 7th grade niece.

  • Practice Worksheet - Graphs take up a lot of space, so this one is spread over 4 pages.

  • Matching Worksheet - There are just two questions here. Sorry about that, but I like to keep this to one printable page. Another introduction page for you, I guess.

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Homework Sheets

We look at various graphs and determine where the constant lies within the slope.

Practice Worksheets

Once you determine the equation used, it's a relatively simple topic.

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These are the types of quizzes that you can expect at this level.