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Division of Integers Worksheets

We have previously learned to divide whole numbers that had positive values at a large scale. In this section we explore how to work this same operation with integers that may have positive and/or negative values. This is not as difficult as it sounds. The basic structure and function of the math is the same, the signed value is where most of our focus lies on this topic. There are three rules that we need to focus on here and have down pat. If you need a refresher on how to perform operations either check the lesson just below or the full tutorial that we have created for you on the bottom of this page.

Aligned Standard: Grade 7 Number Systems - 7.NS.A.2b

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Homework Sheets

We hit these from all levels: straight division, word problems, and implied division.

  • Homework 1 - There are certain rules for dividing integers. We will explore the two core rules over this series of homework sheets.
  • Homework 2 - Rule 1: The quotient of a positive integer and a negative integer or vice versa is a negative integer.
  • Homework 3 - Rule 2: The quotient of two negative integers or two positive integers is a positive integer.

Practice Worksheets

Why not throw a little fraction division in there too!

  • Practice 1 - Miley purchased 2/4 of a pound of coffee for her family. She has to divide it equally among 6 family members. How many pounds of coffee did Miley give to each member?
  • Practice 2 - A painter use 5/8 of a can of acrylic colors to paint 10 canvases. How much acrylic colors did he use to paint each canvas, assuming he used the paint equally?
  • Practice 3 - Taylor wants to eat peanuts. He purchases 3/5 of a pound of peanuts. He wants to share them equally between 12 friends. How many pounds of peanuts did Taylor gave to each friend?

Math Skill Quizzes

In your progression through the year, these quizzes should fit perfectly!

  • Quiz 1 - Example problem: 3 x 4 + 5 x 6 = 6 (5 + _____ ). You are tasked with finding the missing value.
  • Quiz 2 - Rex throws party at his house. He invited 200 guests. He ordered pizza. If each guest can eat 2/4 of the pizza how many people will 10 pizzas feed?
  • Quiz 3 - The easy problem: Divide the integers: 100 รท 4. The more difficult problems will require up to three steps. A great overview of basic algebra skills.

How to Determine if a Quotient's Value is Negative

Surprisingly, many students struggle to identify whether the end value of the quotient is negative or positive. It is one of the most basic of principles of mathematics but is not often discussed or debated among the students. The sign of the quotient depends on the signed value of the integers, which is similar to the whole number division (both positive). Except, the sign of the quotient should be determined.

A quick review of the parts of a division operation, the anatomy of it is: dividend ÷ divisor = quotient.

There are three rules you can refer to when you are determining the end signed value of a quotient:

Both Positive - If both the dividend and the divisor are of positive value, the quotient, in that case, will be positive as well.

Both Negative - If both the dividend and the divisor are of negative value, the quotient, in that case, will be positive.

One Negative and One Positive - If one of them is negative and the other one is positive, then the quotient, in that case, will be negative.

While this may seem like just a simple math operation that does not have much worth in your daily life, this skill is used in many different walks of life. We use this we schedule payments or credits in many different financial situations. Once you get your first bankcard you will quickly come across this.

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