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Probabilities of Compound Events Worksheets

How to Determine the Probabilities of Compound Events - A compound event is where there is a possibility of more than one possible outcome. Determining the probability of a compound event involves finding the sum of all the probabilities of the event and removing the ones that overlap. Probability is defined as the likelihood of an event to occur. It is normally written in the form of a fraction where the number of favorable outcomes is on the numerator, and the total number of outcomes is in the denominator. Probability is used for determining many things from the likelihood that someone will win a lottery or a baby will be born with a medical problem. Example of compound events are: Chances of rolling a six in a dice: 1/6 Probability of picking a heart from a deck of cards: There is a total of 52 cards out of which 13 will be heart so that probability would be 13/52. Simplifying it further, the probability will be 1/4. These worksheets and lessons will help students predict the possible outcomes of events that have multiple end results.

Aligned Standard: Grade 7 Statistics - 7.SP.C.8

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Homework Sheets

Homework 1 are things I always think about during the Olympics. Homework 2 are things I think about all the time.

  • Homework 1 - Jacob, Michael, and Carl are about to compete in 100m mixed running event. These are the only three racers competing in this event. They are all working hard to win first place. How many different possible ways could the 3 runners place?
  • Homework 2 - How many different ways you can arrange the letters in word "BEST"?

Practice Worksheets

In the first one, we talk about number arrangements. The second page focuses more on items of chance.

  • Practice 1 - How many ways can you arrange these words?
  • Practice 2 - There are 3 marbles (yellow, green, and blue). You pick all 3 marbles out of a bag in a row. How many outcomes are possible?

Math Skill Quizzes

It is very important that students read these questions carefully.

  • Quiz 1 - Gabriel writes his name in the Urdu and English language with a pen and pencil. How many ways can he write his name?
  • Quiz 2 - Denny chose two cards randomly from a deck. What is the probability of getting a King and a Jack without replacement?
  • Quiz 3 - A dice is rolled 5 times. What is the chance of landing on a 4 all times?

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