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Absolute Value and Basic Operations Worksheets

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Grade 7 - 7.NS.A.1c

How Does Absolute Value Affect the Order of Math Operations? When solving an equation, students need to understand the levels of math. There are four basic arithmetic operations that a student will come across in an equation. However, they have to follow an order when solving the equation, and that order is known as PEMDAS. P - Parenthesis, E - Exponents, M - Multiply, D - Divide, A - Add, S - Subtract An easy way to remember this order is to remember the phrase "Parachute Expert, My Dear Aunt Sally." You start solving an equation by solving whatever there is in parenthesis followed by exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. A lot of students get confused when they see a value in modulus or an absolute value. They do not know what they have to do with it. We know that absolute value signs make the final result of operation positive. When you come across such value in an equation, you need to treat the absolute value bars like parenthesis, thus solving them at the initial stage. These worksheets and lessons take into account the concept of absolute value and the operations that may affect them.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Single Operations Involving Absolute Value Practice Sheets

Twenty problems that involve only one type of operation with absolute value.

Mixed Operation Practice Worksheets

Practice related operations sheets here.