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Rounding Large Numbers

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 4 Numbers and Base Ten - 4.NBT.A.3

How to Round Very Large Numbers - Large or complex numbers are difficult to work with. Often times, they do not give you the exact value or the exact answer you have been searching for; in fact, you get a large, overly crowded number as an answer. In such a case, an old concept of mathematics comes for rescue, and that concept is the rounding off large numbers. So how can you round off very large numbers? Consider the place value mentioned to where you have to round off the number. For example, if the number says, round off to the nearest hundred thousand (100,000) identify the place value of the number and then consider and then round it off to it's nearest multiple. If the number nearest to the place value is 5 or above 5, the number is rounded up. For example, a number 67 is rounded off to the nearest ten as 70. If the number rounding off is less than 5, then you will round the number down. The number 24 is rounded down to 20. These worksheets and lessons help students become comfortable with rounding very sizable values.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Set Place Value Rounding Worksheets

Make sure to remind students the importance of commas in large integers when rounding.

Mixed Place Value Practice Worksheets

We three activities in one for each sheet here.