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Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets

When we are looking at word problems that include or require multiplication, they are usually pretty intuitive. That is because we are looking at the concept of amplify a value or group. We travel much of life understanding this concept to make a life for ourselves. Such as collecting a paycheck or buying multiple items in a store. These worksheets and lessons will help students learn to spot words that indicate a multiplication operation is required to complete a word problem.

Aligned Standard: 4.OA.2

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Homework Sheets

These are all very common situations that you will see on just about any day in a student's life.

  • Homework 1 - Jacob has 20 sandwiches. Each sandwich has 3 pieces of ham. How many pieces of ham does Jacob have?
  • Homework 2 - In a garden, every old man has two water bottles. There are 30 old men. How many water bottles are there in the garden?
  • Homework 3 - Ryan buys 32 boxes. Each box contains 50 water bottles. How many water bottles did Ryan buy?

Practice Worksheets

Most of these problems are focused on logistics in the business world which, in a child's life, is yet to come.

  • Practice 1 - William's cow makes 48 liters of milk per day. How many liters of milk can he make in a week?
  • Practice 2 - Nathan drives a car 354 minutes every day. How many minutes does he drive his car in 7 days?
  • Practice 3 - Gabriel has a hardware shop. He sold 40 boxes of nails. Each box contains 20 nails. How many nails did he sell?

Math Skill Quizzes

After reading all these word problems, it is easy to realize why everyone always feels so busy. It's a constant!

  • Quiz 1 - Carter eats 18 bananas in a day. How many bananas can he eat in 20 days?
  • Quiz 2 - Bentley has 50 oranges. If his five friends have the same number of oranges, calculate how many oranges they have in total?
  • Quiz 3 - Asher sold 20 kg of peanuts per day. How many kg of peanuts does Asher sell in 15 days?

How to Spot Multiplication in Word Problems

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Does the name "word problem" give you the scares or are you really good at solving them? Well, it is important that you know the significance of word problems in mathematics. Word problems help you test your thinking, problem solving, and efficiency skills. They help us learn to solve tough situation and prepare for a good level of adversity. If you are confused about how you would understand that a word problem indicates multiplication, don't worry. We can help you! How? Let's find out! There are a number of different things that you can look for that will help you spot a multiplication operation is at work.

Keywords Used - When you are reading these math sentences be on the look out for words that imply certain operations are required or take place along the way. When it comes to multiplication, the common words that you will find may indicate a multiple such as: twice, tripled, quadruple. They may also indicate the use of multiplication such as the words: area, by, volume, product. There are also some other words that often make an appearance in these situations: apiece, times, total, per, as much.

Repetition - Whenever a word problem has a repetition of words, it usually implies multiplication. For example, Rupert has cartons of eggs. Each carton consists of a dozen eggs. How many eggs do they have in total?

Comparison - Some word problems have one quantity that is compared with another quantity, whether big or small. For example, Patrick put $7 in the jar for his father's gift. Cecilia put four times as much as Patrick. How much did Cecilia put in the jar?

Unknown Product - Most multiplication word problems have several items in one set and along with that, you are given a multiplier amount. This amount represents how many times bigger, wider, taller, etc., is the second set than the first one. For example, Taylor said that by maintaining a speed of 70 miles per hour, he could complete his desired route in 3 hours. How many miles does he cover in one hour?

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