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Multiplication Worksheets

What is Multiplication? There are four elementary arithmetic operations in mathematics and all the calculations are based on them. The basic operations include addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Addition and subtraction are the basic ones and the easiest out of these four. Students face difficulty in grasping the concept of multiplication and division. Multiplication is an operation that is symbolized using the following ways: a×b, a.b, a*b, ab. The first case is when two positive integers are multiplied; here, the result is always positive. The second case is when two negative integers are multiplied, and the result is always positive. If we multiply a positive and a negative integer, the result is always negative. All the sections I promised are here. Let me know if you have an area in your curriculum that I don't cover at all.

How to Approach Teaching Kids This Operation

Product Symbol

I remember a few decades back when I was preparing my first unit with students on this operation. It was a bit overwhelming try to make it seamless for students. My first unit went okay, my second one went better, and so on and so forth. As long as you keep fixing what could have been better, it will get there. Let me share what I have learned about teaching this operation to students.

1. Always Start with Manipulatives - When you provide students things to put in their hands makes sure that it something simple and uniform. Pennies are great, so are toy cars and blocks. They need to not too big or small. I always draw the numbers next to manipulatives and I have students do so as well.

2. Introduce Multiplication as Repeated Addition - I start by having students convert addition problems into multiplication such as 4 + 4 + 4 = 4 x 3. I tell them that this is just another way to write it. This gives something that they are very comfortable with to build up off of.

3. Products of Zero and One - These are just rules that they will be comfortable quickly. Anything multiplied by zero is equal to zero. Anything multiplied by one is one.

4. Get to Those Times Tables - I do a daily five-minute challenge in my room. Leave 5-10 missing areas and have students come up and fill them in. At this point we are relying pretty heavy that they are practicing at home. After a few days of my class challenge, I have a good idea of who is studying on their own and who is not. I also coach them through on how to approach this. They should master the 0-3 scale first, then 4-7, followed by 8-10. Once they have that cold, it is time to move on to 11 and 12.

5. The Commutative Property Eases It Up - That the old property that says when we use this operation order does not matter. This means that 4 x 7 and 7 x 4 or equivalent. I find that this particularly helps a great many students. When they have difficulty with a problem, I encourage them to reorder the multiplicand and the multiplier. This does not always save the day, but it is helpful very often.

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