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Horizontal Multiplication Worksheets

This section has great math drill worksheets that practice horizontal (left to right) multiplication. This orientation is difficult for students that have not yet memorized their times tables. It also lends itself well to treat multiplication as repeated addition. For instance, a problem such as 3 x 9 can be rewritten as: 9 + 9 + 9. So, where it lacks pizzazz, it makes up for in functionality for students to work with. I would encourage all teachers to share that strategy with their students. It will definitely help students progress along with this skill.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Operations - 3.OA.A.1

Practice Worksheets

If you need some extra practice, you came to the right place. Answer keys are provided with all the sheets found below.

  • Practice 3- Twenty problems on the page for you to smash.
  • Practice 4 - I encourage students to complete all of the problems that they are comfortable with first.
  • Practice 5 - Get rid of those 0 and 1 products right away.
  • Practice 6 - With the 2 products I get students in the habit of learning doubles.
  • Practice 7 - Then advance on to triples.
  • Practice 8 - 9s are some of the hardest products for students to work with.
  • Practice 9 - Have them focus on the lesser digit first.
  • Practice 10 - This can be used as a quick quiz.

Mad Minutes Multiplication

Great for building speed, stamina, and accuracy.

  • Mad Minute 2- Thirty problems leveled out for you to explore.
  • Mad Minute 3 - The more practice, the better.
  • Mad Minute 4 - These multiplication problems are a nice mix.
  • Mad Minute 5 - The last one in the bunch for you to get some practice with.


These should help you get the skill under your belt.

  • Quiz 1 - A scoring box is provided.
  • Quiz 2 - There are 30 problems in all and a key for you.
  • Quiz 3 - This a good time to see how they are doing with this skill.


Tips for Multiplying Horizontally

You are not wrong; multiplication is tough, unlike addition and subtraction it is a bit more involved. But, read this example thoroughly, and you will be able to learn to multiply horizontally in no time.

Let's pretend that your dad told you to split your playroom into four sections so that you can get a brand-new Monster carpet. Now, each section will have a carpet with a different monster. Like the character found to right. How exciting is that? Each section has a different area, so your dad told you to note down the size of the carpet for each section. The total area of the room is 72 x 28 meters.

- In the first step, we will solve the area of each section by multiplying the length and width of each rectangle individually.

- Now, the next step is simple, just add all the areas together, and you will find the overall area of the rectangle. 1400 + 40 + 560 + 16 = 2,016 m2. Wow, that is one big carpet! You must have some playroom.

Now, if you have trouble believing how can you solve something so hard, so easily. Then, take your dad's phone out and multiply 72 with 28 (2,016). You'll find out the answer.

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