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Unique Properties of Multiplication Worksheets

What Are Unique Properties of Multiplication? To be able to solve multiplication sums and problems with ease and convenience, kids must have a clear understanding of multiplication properties. These properties always hold true, no matter how complex a problem is. These properties are very helpful in solving multiplication problems. Commutative Property- This is when two or more numbers have multiplied. The order of multiplication does not affect the answer. Rearranging the factors will provide the same answer as the original expression. a x b = b x a. Associative Property -This states that in multiplication, the grouping of numbers does not matter. Grouping in an expression is a sum within the brackets that have to be solved first. (a x b) x c = a x (b x c). Identity Property- This is when an element is multiplied by 1; it remains unchanged. In multiplication, an identity element is 1. Distributive Property- This is when a number is multiplied to a sum in parenthesis, and when it is separately multiplied by each element of the sum, the parenthesis can be removed. 2(5+6)= 2 x 5 + 2 x 6. These are the four basic properties of multiplication, which will help people solve multiplication problems with ease.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Operations - 3.OA.5

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Here are many more versions for practice for you. There are so many problems that you will probably never use them all over the course of a school year.

Applying the Properties of Multiplication Practice

  • Sheet 2 - Determine the value of n that makes the equation true.
  • Sheet 3 - We are trying make sure both sides are equal in the end.
  • Sheet 4 - That elusive value for n makes another appearance.

Using the Associative Property Practice

  • Sheet 2 - Rewrite the following questions using Associative Property and write the answer.
  • Sheet 3 - More Associative Property stuff.
  • Sheet 4 - The symbols may get in the way here.

Disproving the Associative Property Multiple Choice

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter is not an equivalent problem.
  • Sheet 3 - We are looking to not make it equal.

Finding the Associative Property of Multiplication Multiple Choice

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter best answers the question.
  • Sheet 3 - Which expression is equal to (9 x 5) x 3?
  • Sheet 4 - Sometimes they get stuck on top of each other.

Identifying the Associative Property Practice Sheet

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter best represents the associative property of multiplication.
  • Sheet 3 - There are many to choose from here.
  • Sheet 4 - Even more choices here.

Identifying the Commutative Property Practice Sheet

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter best represents the commutative property of Multiplication.
  • Sheet 3 - This somewhat states that order does not matter at all.
  • Sheet 4 - They must have the same integers though.

The Identity Property of Multiplication Worksheet

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter best represents the identity property of multiplication.
  • Sheet 3 - Match it up.
  • Sheet 4 - A nice way to finish up.

Properties of Multiplication Match Worksheet

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which letter best represents the property listed.
  • Sheet 3 - Find the one that ends it all.
  • Sheet 4 - This is a mix of properties.

Which Property of Multiplication Is It?

  • Sheet 2 - Determine which rule set is shown (Identity, Associative, Distributive or Commutative).
  • Sheet 3 - Mark an (I, A, D, or C) on your paper.
  • Sheet 4 - This is all you need for review.

Why Do We Even Care About These Properties and Rule Sets?

If you have a deep understanding for what we are covering with this skill, your ability to determine end products will be much quicker and accurate.This will also help you as you progress towards and beyond algebra as it will also heighten your ability to process operations. This general concept will also help you identify how to operate in situational problems and breaking down their conceptual foundation.

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