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The Properties of Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication is one of those operations that have a lot of hidden little tricks associated with them. You can learn to use them to your advantage and drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process complex problems. There four unique features that this operation exhibits that we will spend a great deal of time with. While using the zero concept and one as well will make some calculations easier, they are not often found and easy to lean on. Take a look at all the lessons and practice worksheets that we have put together for you to basically simplify everything for you. The worksheets on this page will help students to become comfortable with the properties of multiplication.

Aligned Standard: Grade 4 Operations - 4.OA.1

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Homework Sheets

We pick out all the different properties from a series of multiple choice questions. Solid examples are provided to give students a reminder.

  • Homework 1 - Which property of multiplication is displayed in this problem?
  • Homework 2 - Which equation shows the commutative property of multiplication?
  • Homework 3 - Which math sentence below indicates that 24 is 6 times as many as 4?

Practice Worksheets

We follow a similar format to the homework section, but these are much more spaced out.

  • Practice 1 - Which math sentence below indicates that 36 is 6 times as many as 6?
  • Practice 2 - Which property of multiplication is displayed in this problem?
  • Practice 3 - Which equation shows the commutative property of multiplication?

Math Skill Quizzes

I tried to give a mixed variety of questions for the quizzes.

  • Quiz 1 - Which equation shows the distributive property of multiplication?
  • Quiz 2 - Which property of addition is used in the following?
  • Quiz 3 - Determine which letter best represents the distributive property of Multiplication.

What Are the Properties of Multiplication?

Mathematics has been all about rules and laws since the ancient Greek-times. These are the laws that apply to the use of numbers. Applied to all mathematical operations, Multiplication has four basic properties that seem fairly obvious and help students in solving multiplication problems easily. So, let’s dive into the properties of this mathematical operation to understand the logic of this operation and make it more fun to solve.

The four basic properties are Commutative, Associative, Multiplicative identity and Distributive properties.

Commutative property: This property says that when two digits are multiplied, the result or the product is the same irrespective of the arrangement of the numbers/ multiplicands.

For example, 6 x 2 = 2 x 12

So, it does not matter what order you write them in, the answer is the same. We can use this to write problems in a order that works best for us and helps us organize problems.

Associative Property: The associative property focuses on the multiplication of 3 or more digits. It says that when three or more than 3 numbers are multiplied, the result coming out is the same irrespective of the arrangement or grouping of the numbers. This is very similar to the last one we mentioned, but this applies to a larger scale of multipliers.

For example, (4 x 2) x 5 = 4 x (2 x 5)

Distributive property: The sum of two digits multiplied by a third digit is equal to the sum of each addend multiplied with that third number. This helps us simplify values but can also be used to extend a product based problem. This comes in handy when we get to algebra.

For example, 3 (2 + 4) = 3 x 2 + 3 x 4

Multiplicative Identity Property: Any real number multiplied by 1 is the same number.

For example, 7 x 1 = 7 or 1,293 x 1 = 1,293

How Do They Help Us?

These unique characteristics that are exhibited by multiplication can significantly speed up how fast you can process problems that include them. At this point we are more focused on the basic mathematically operations, but when we advance to studying algebra and calculus knowing this will be extremely valuable. You will be able to simplify and expand mathematical expressions with ease.

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