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Mixed Multiplication Review Worksheets

You will find all types of different problems here to help you shore up or master these skills. When you are working with types of problems, the more experience you get the quicker you will be able to solve them. We highly suggest that you setup your problems in a vertical manner. They can drastically help you improve your accuracy and speed while solving them. It is mostly due to the fact that it is just so much easier to stay organized. These worksheets and lessons serve as a great overview on the skill of performing multiplication operations.

Aligned Standard: 5.NBT.B.5

How to Keep Your Multiplication Skills Sharp

Peas in a Pod

This operation is an essential skill that students must master before learning any advanced mathematical concept. Though trying to memorize your timetables is the ideal way to make multiplication easier, there are many other ways of improving multiplication skills. Here we have discussed a few ways of keeping your multiplication skill at the ready:

Understand the concept - Like every other mathematical skill, you need to understand the underlying concept of it. If you memorize the times table without understanding the concept, you will face difficulty in understanding the advanced mathematical concept. We suggest approaching this as a reflection of repeated addition. If we remember back the backbone of an addition equation is: addend + addend = sum. Multiplication relates directly if you consider that the multiplicand indicates the value of one addend and then the multiplier just tells you how many times you will add it to itself.

Reviewing and revision - Your learned and acquired concepts start to rust without review and revision. If not, practice, then read them and review them regularly. You will find flashcards extremely invaluable. I recommend buy a professional set of cards. They are only a few bucks but will be something that sticks with you forever.

Test yourself - Yes, testing. Something that most children don't appreciate or prefer doing. However, it is testing that measures your skills and tells how well you can perform at a particular concept. Just like anything, the more you test yourself, the better you will get at the test and therefore the skills found on it. There is endless research available to indicate that simply repeating tests can help greatly improve our comprehension.

Practice your times tables - Practice makes perfect! Without practicing and continual reinforcement of any concept, you cannot gain a clearer idea of it. Practicing your times tables is crucial for improving your skills regularly. Practice the concept until you have mastered it.

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