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Multiplication Puzzle Worksheets

We are always looking for ways to engage our students in math. Puzzles are the perfect solution. While they do not instantly solve everything, they do encourage students to put a bit more efforts towards solving them. If you can make them fun to take part in your students will be all over solving them. Below you will find puzzles that involve solely the operation of multiplication. They may be required to determine a multiplier, multiplicand, product, or an assortment of all of them. These worksheets are awesome for reviewing math multiplication facts.

Aligned Standard: 3.OA.C.7

  • Worksheet 1- A butterfly coloring puzzle with single digit products only.
  • Worksheet 2- Follow the trail that ends at the final gray box product.
  • Worksheet 3- More gray box products. You can do this one as a timed activity.
  • Worksheet 4- A single digit product puzzle that makes an owl.

How Math Puzzles Make Your Mind Sharper

Brain Workout

It's probably time to up your game in mathematics. If you are someone who wants to make your brain sharper, build critical thinking and get better at solving complex problems, take help from mathematics. Yes, you heard it right. Mathematics can tease your mind with numerous puzzles, riddles, and games. The more time that you spend learning to approach these types of challenges, the better you will get at them. This will then help you in all walks of life. Good problem solvers are often highly successful people.

Delving into mathematics puzzles and games is both fun and exciting. There are numerous math puzzles out there available on the web that can make your kid's mind sharper. Mathematics puzzles require to take a thorough look at the problem or puzzle and join pieces first in your head, then strategize a plan and then finally implement it to solve the puzzle. They are mostly centered around taking your time to plan how best to deal with the situation at hand.

While solving a math puzzle, you work through your mind to develop a plan and identify the problem hidden in the puzzle. From simple mathematical calculations to complex puzzles, statistics, and graphing of the problems, math puzzles involve everything and help students to use their mind which in turn makes their mind sharper. There is no doubt that working on fun puzzles will help you elevate your math skills and make everything you run across just seem easier.

Tips for Solving Math Multiplication Puzzles

Some students will find this a really engaging activity. Others will be overwhelmed and feel that it so complex, that they do not know where to even start. You need to remember that like anything this is a learned skill. With consistent practice you will learn to handle these types of problems with ease. It will require patience, at first. Your first goal should be to completely understand exact what is being asked of you. Read the directions thoroughly. If there is an example problem provided for you, make sure you understand what was done to complete the exercise. Once you grasp what is being asked of you, start at the lowest level of the problem. Check your work and make sure you are on the right path. Better yet, compare your answers with a neighbor. This will insure you are on a path to progression. Once you have some confidence move on to the next step of the puzzle. From there just continue with all the problems that are presented. Most puzzle have a linear sequence that you can follow through to completion. If the puzzle confuses you, ask someone for help.

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