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Multiplying by Multiples of 10 Worksheets

In section we spend a good amount of time working we products that involve multiples of 10 such as 10, 20, 30, 40, ... This is a skill that really comes in helpful when we are trying to do quick estimations. If you are looking to get a general idea of an outcome these are the types of products that you want to work with. I find myself doing these types of calculations before I go shopping to make sure that I have enough to buy the things I need or want. If I do not have enough money, I use the skill again to see which of the wants that I need to exclude. These worksheets will help you get a solid idea of how to use multiples to help you get quick estimates that will lead to answers and make help you make better decisions.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Base Ten - 3.NBT.3

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Homework Sheets

We use horizontal and vertical formatting here to make sure we cover our basis.

  • Homework 1 - We have you work with top or bottom heavy values which allows for a more complex worksheet.
  • Homework 2 - Find the products below. These are set up in a vertical pattern to make it easier to follow and solve.
  • Homework 3 - Write the number that would complete each equation.

Practice Worksheets

A mix of orientations followed up by a little algebra starter kit for you.

  • Practice 1 - We order the tens multiple in the front of the problem. Doesn't that make it easier to work with?
  • Practice 2 - Match the values. You should consider rewriting problems, if they do not come easy.

Math Skill Quizzes

A nice way to assess kids. You actually might want to start here for this skill.

  • Quiz 1 - Find the products in this vertical set of problems.
  • Quiz 2 - Fill in the missing parts of the products. This is a more advanced skill that builds up from this topic.

How to Multiply Single Digits by Multiples of 10

Multiplying is always fun, especially when the result is in the form of a series. The multiples of any number are the result found by multiplying any counting number with that whole number. For instance, the multiples of 4 are; 4, 8, 12, 16, and so on. The easiest and interesting multiples are the multiples of 10 because they go on like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on. They are the easiest to memorize, but is it also easy to play single-digit multiplication with them?

In multiplying a single digit (1-9) with multiples of 10, the strategy is based on place value and operation properties. We simply take the single digit and raise it to the tens place. For example, 8 x 10 would result in a product of 80 (8 raised to the tens place).

This skill advances in the same manner with double and triple digits as well. When you are multiplying anything by 10, the product is simply that integer and a new 0 on the end. You are basically raising that integer to the next place value. For example, if we are multiplying 14 by 10, the end product would be 140 (the integer '14' to the tens place).

As we get more complex with this strategy, it can help use solve thicker problems such as: 2 x 50. It is 2 times 50. In finding the answer, consider 2 rows with 50 in each row. Take a piece of paper and draw 5 lines, each representing count of 10 in two separate rows. Now count the lines in 10s. Like 10, 20, 30. Counting both the rows will give you the answer 100. And the answer to 2 x 50 is also 100. By using this trick, you can quickly multiply a single digit with any multiple of 10.

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