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Subtracting Fractions Worksheets

You will find this skill especially helpful in the kitchen the next time you or someone in home makes a recipe. The normal progression when working with fraction subtracting is to start at the denominator and make sure the minuend and the subtrahend share the same denominator. If they do not, you would need to find a common multiple between them and convert each fraction to that denominator. Once the denominators are settled, you simply subtract the numerators. In some cases, you will be required to simplify the difference. Below you find a series of lessons and worksheets that will help students learn how to subtract fractions that have like denominators.

Aligned Standard: 4.NF.B.3a

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Homework Sheets

As my old math professor would say, "We're about to put these fractions on a diet!"

  • Homework 1 - If the bottoms (denominators) are the same, just subtract the tops (numerators).
  • Homework 2 - Just take a little off the top. You will give all of these fractions a haircut.
  • Homework 3 - Which animal is your favorite of these 3 homework sheets?

Practice Worksheets

The answer key was set up with reduced fraction at this point.

  • Practice 1 - Lots of room to work with here. I would even suggest that you rewrite the problems to make it flow better for yourself.
  • Practice 2 - This is a good skill to have when comparing different locations of the same item.
  • Practice 3 - The moon light shines through the building on this worksheet. This allows you to just focus on the numerator.

Math Skill Quizzes

By popular request, I removed the boxes around the problems for a little more space to work with.

  • Quiz 1 - Ten problems makes for a nice round number to work with. There is a scoring key for you at the bottom of the page too.
  • Quiz 2 - Slightly smaller font here. See how the operations work out for you with this sheet.
  • Quiz 3 - The subtraction sign is highlighted here. See how well you understand all this stuff.

How to Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators

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Adding and subtracting fractions are basically the same. There isn't much difference between the two. However, we cannot even say that they are absolutely the same. Let's learn how we can subtract fractions. But before we take a dive into learning it, let's understand what are like denominators.

When you see fractions with like denominators, this means that the whole fraction or number is divided into same number of pieces or numbers. Like denominators are also called common denominators. They can be subtracted following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Analyze the whole number carefully. If it's a mixed number, make sure to convert it into a improper fraction. This means that you will have a top heavy fraction, but that will not change your level of difficulty.

2. Now subtract the top numbers (the numerators) and write the answer with the same denominator. The denominator really serves no role, if they are like denominators.

3. When you have the answer, make sure to simplify it if there's a need.

Consider the following example: 3/4 - 1/4

The denominators are the same, and you simply have to add the numerators (top numbers). The answer is 2/4. Now simplify the fraction, and you get your final answer.

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