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Classifying Two-Dimensional Figures Worksheets

How to Classify Two-dimensional Figures - Students might not know that two-dimensional figures can share more than one attribute between them. For example, squares and rectangles have an equal number of sides and four right angles. In classifying two-dimensional figures, students need to have a basic understanding of geometry. For example, both square and rectangle are parallelograms as they both have opposite parallel sides. It is also very important that students take note of the hierarchy, for e.g. all the rectangles are categorized as parallelograms, but not all parallelograms can be considered rectangles. Let's try understanding it with a quadrilateral. For example, take a kite that has four sides, four interior angles, and all the sides are interconnected while enclosing an area that has no gaps. A figure that has such properties are all called Quadrilaterals. One of the basic understandings is “Quad” means four. Another quadrilateral is a Rhombus. So, what are some of the similarities between a kite and a rhombus? - They have four sides. - They have four interior angles. - All the sides in both figures are interconnected.

Aligned Standard: Grade 4 Geometry - 4.G.2

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Homework Sheets

You are asked to label triangles and name shapes. You definitely need to cover angles before you touch on this unit.

  • Triangles Homework 1 - What kind of triangle is this?
  • Shapes Homework 2 - What figure is this?
  • Homework 3 - In an acute triangle, all three angles are less than 90°. In a right triangle, one angle is exactly 90°. In an obtuse triangle, one angle is greater than 90°.

Practice Worksheets

We move back to using multiple choice to help us elicit a response from students quicker.

  • Practice 1 - Name all of thee figures.
  • Practice 2 - Look at the angles to figure out what type of figure you are looking at.
  • Practice 3 - The all elusive ellipse.

Math Skill Quizzes

If you don't like the colors, I understand. These are done specifically for a school that requested them.

  • Quiz 1 - Triangle classification.
  • Quiz 2 - Name that figure.
  • Quiz 3 - Read the angles to classify the shape.
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