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Coin Value Worksheets

Teaching students the value of money is always a fun part of the school year. The best approach to take with students is to teach them to sort the coins into groups and eventually have them group those sorts into nice simple piles of the same coin denomination. It all begins with teaching them the coin names and their value. You then need to help them become familiar with what each coin looks like. At this point, besides Abe Lincoln and George Washington, they have no idea who the people picture on them are. So you need to focus them on the color and relative size to help them differentiate between all the different types. There are a number of fun activities you can do with this. You can also just play a game where you empty your pockets everyday and we count the value of what is in it. These worksheets and lessons will help students start to think critically about the money values.

Aligned Standard: 4.MD.A.2

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Sum of Value Sheets

These practice worksheets require you to compare sums of coins.

  • Match Coins 1 - Draw a line to match the equivalent values of the coins.
  • Match Coins 2 - These problems can be completed algebraically for advanced students.
  • Find the Missing Coin 2 - Find the value of the missing coin. Write the value of each coin.

Money Bonds Worksheets

Students love these simple riddles. A good strategy is to give extra credit to students that can write the diagrams as word problems.

How to Count Groups of Coins

Groups of Coins

Counting money can be quite tricky especially when it comes to coins! The value of the coin doesn’t match the size of the coin, and we often get confused when we see a group of coins in front of us. But don’t worry, we have a few tips that will help you count coins easily!

You first need to understand the names of coins, what they look like, and how much they are each worth. There are four coins that in circulation in the United States. The smallest value coin is called a penny. A penny is worth one cent. It has a copper color and finish. Abraham Lincoln is pictured on the front of the coin. A nickel is the one of the three silver-colored coins. It is the middle-sized silver colored coin. A nickel is worth five cents and has a picture of Thomas Jefferson on it. The dime is the smallest silver colored coin and is worth ten cents. Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the dime. The Quarter is the largest of all the coins and is silver in color. George Washington is on the quarter which is worth twenty-five cents.

Here's what you have to do: Collect all the coins in your house. Start by sorting the coins individually. Make groups of the coins. Place the same coins in one group. For example, place all nickels in one group and place all dimes in another group. Count how many coins each stack holds. The easiest method is to count in bundles of five. Start with five, then ten, fifteen, and so on. It's quicker and easier. Write the number of coins in each stack on a piece of paper. This will help you remember the correct number. Another way to tackle this, if you are working with tons of coins is to group them in volumes that make sense for each coin. If you place quarters in groups of four, each group is worth a dollar. You also place dimes in groups of ten or nickels in groups of twenty to create the same affect. The only coin this is hard to do that with are pennies because there are just too many (100) in a dollar. I recommend grouping pennies in tens. Total the amount by adding each stack value. You're done!

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