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Money Puzzle and Riddle Worksheets

How Do you Convert Dollars to Cents and Vice Versa? Every quantity in the world has a unit that represents it and helps us understand the value of each. Units are not just important in physics or chemistry but also in day to day lives. When talking about money, we make use of different units, including cents and dollars. There are many situations where you will have to convert dollars into cents and vice versa. A lot of kids can find themselves stuck when they have to add money involving both cents and dollars. Well, conversion from dollars to cents, or vice versa, is very easy. Before you start converting, you need to know which unit is of a bigger value. Of course, a dollar is bigger than a cent. One dollar is made of 100 cents. It is a crucial piece of information that will help you proceed with the conversion. When we move from a bigger unit to a smaller unit, we use the operation of multiplication. When we are moving for a smaller unit to a bigger unit, we use the operation of division. To convert dollars into cents, you simply multiply the dollar with 100 and when you have to convert cents into dollars, you have to divide the cents with 100. This selection of worksheets and lessons help students start to think algebraically with money math problems.

Aligned Standard: 4.MD.A.2

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Great Starter and Review Sheets

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Riddle Worksheets

The coins and money values are speaking to you. How much are they?

  • Money Riddle Set 2 - Use the riddle clues to find the correct set of money from the six choices.
  • Money Riddle Set 3 - I am worth more than 200 cents. My lowest value coin is a penny. You can make me with two one-dollar bills and three coins. I am worth an even amount of cents. Who am I?
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