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Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers With Like Denominators Worksheets

How to Find Sums and Differences of Like Fractions - In mathematics, sum and difference is not merely confined to simple whole numbers. These mathematical operations apply to fractions as well. A fraction is an integer that represents the part of a whole and they have different types; like fractions and unlike fractions. Like fractions are those fractions that have the same numerator (top digit) and denominator (lower digit). When it comes to finding the sum and difference of like fractions, it is pretty simple in fact more fun. To get a grip on adding and subtracting fractions, follow the steps: Before you focus on the operation applied to fraction, make sure that the denominators are same. They can't be like fractions if the denominators are not same. For example: 3/4 + 2/4 , 3/4 + 1/5 The first equation consists of like fractions and the other consists of unlike fractions. Simply add the numerators (top) of like fraction. 3/4 + 2/4 = 5/4 The last step is to simplify the fraction if there is a need. For example, the sum of these two fractions requires simplification. 2/10 + 4/10 = 6/10 Simplify by the table of 2 and you will get 3/5 This collection of worksheets helps students learn how to find a sum or difference between mixed numbers that share a like denominator.

Aligned Standard: Grade 4 Fractions - NF.3

  • Answer Keys - These are for all the unlocked materials above.

Homework Sheets

We help students realize that it is two problems in one. Solve the whole numbers and then worry about the fractions.

  • Homework 1- Simplify your answer and write it as a whole or mixed number.
  • Homework 2- Remember to add whole numbers to whole numbers and fractions to fractions.
  • Homework 3- We may also present you with top heavy fractions.

Practice Worksheets

We purposely added more top-heavy fractions in this section. Those problems seem to come up very often.

  • Practice 1- This is great review worksheets for you.
  • Practice 2- Remember that fractions that have the same numerator and denominator are equal to one.
  • Practice 3- Lots of directions for you to follow and get in the right direction.

Math Skill Quizzes

In the answer keys, I left the final answers with top-heavy fraction. I did this because most teachers will do fraction reduction later in the school year.

  • Quiz 1- The focus is on like denominators. Start by performing the operation on the whole number and then transition to the numerators.
  • Quiz 2- Don't lose your steam here we work through the same skill.
  • Quiz 3- Why don't we work on another on?

Where Will You See This Skill in the Real World?

You would be amazed how often you use fractions in a typical day and do not even realize it. Just this morning I was trying to figure out how much milk I was using for my breakfast cereal, because I am monitoring my calorie intake. I had a half of a gallon of skim milk and what I poured out accounted for one-fourth of the container. Whenever we cook, we are always using fractions and operations to convert between portion sizes and when we have a lack of ingredients. These types of problems appear most frequently when we are working with measures of length and volume. After I solved the great milk dilemma, I had to calculate how many miles I ran this week. We do not have a track near our house, so I am consonantly using may pedometer to measure these distances. I am constantly adding fraction to calculate my weekly totals of mileage. I am also subtracting fractions to determine how far away from the goal mileage I am each day. This week I was shooting to run thirty-five miles, but I was short by two and three-fifths miles. Maybe next week.

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