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Intermediate Money Word Problems

Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store - Groceries can become a huge monthly expense if you have children of your own. Many parents do not teach their kids the value of money, and they do not have a concept that one works hard to earn money. If you have kids around and you want to save on your grocery shopping, you give your kids the responsibility to save money. By giving your kids this responsibility, you reduce the chances of overspending as kids love it when parents trust them with responsibility. To help your kids efficiently shop at a grocery store, you can provide them some tips to save money on grocery shopping. No matter what happens, always stick to the list. Teach them to compare product prices and ask them to buy the cheaper one. Do not buy toiletries from a grocery store. Always look for products on the shelf that is below the one that is just at your line of sight. These worksheets and lessons are geared towards students that are familiar with word problems.

Aligned Standard: 4.MD.A.2

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Homework Sheets

Each sheet has a distinct theme as you will see in the title.

  • Extra Money and Needing Money Homework 1 - Charlotte had $45. She wants to purchase 15 big lollipops. If each lollipop costs $4.00, how much more money does she need?
  • Using Money To Buy Food Homework 2 - Alicia wants to buy a blender that is worth $23.00 and she also wants to buy a cell phone that is $45.00. How much money does she need to spend to purchase both?
  • Random Homework 3 - Daniel earns $48 per day. He accumulated $1,200 at the end of the month. How many days did he work?

Practice Worksheets

Again, these are all themed. While each theme goes in a slightly different direction, the tone is the same.

Math Skill Quizzes

These do focus on something that kids to seem to catch on quicker to; MONEY! I wonder why that is?

  • Quiz 1 - Ethan monthly salary is $848, how much money does he earn in a day? (30-day months)
  • Quiz 2 - George spent $32 to purchase 12 balls. What is the cost of each ball?
  • Quiz 3 - Declan earns $210 for 1 month. How much money would he earn in 2 years?
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