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Rounding Numbers By Place Value Worksheets

Round is an awesome math skill that helps us process calculations much quicker and make decisions based on those calculations. A great example of this is trying to figure out how many milk cartons containers you would need to transport 130 cartons of milk. If each knew that milk carton container held 18 milk cartons. You could simply round this to 20 and tell yourself that you would need 7 containers. We use this type of simple math in all types of estimates that we make. They save us a great deal of time in our day. This large collective of worksheets and lessons that help students learn how to round a number to a specific place value.

Aligned Standard: Grade 4 Base Ten - 4.NBT.3

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Homework Sheets

We give you an integer and ask you to round it to a fixed place value on each sheet.

  • Round 100s Homework 1 - Determine the place value of the underlined number. If the number represents the tens place, write a "T" in the space provided. If the number represents the hundred places, write an "H" in the space provided. If the number represents the ones place, write an "O" in the space provided.
  • Round 1000s Homework 2 - Write the missing digit.
  • Round 10s 3 - Evaluate the underlined place value for each set of integers. For each problem circle the number with the highest underlined place value.

Practice Worksheets

You will find that every place is mixed up in this set.

Math Skill Quizzes

We ask you to round between the tens and thousands place. Perfect for this level.

  • Quiz 1 - All the questions in one form.
  • Quiz 2 - Fill in that missing place.
  • Quiz 3 - Locate the place value first and go from there.

How to Round Numbers to a Specific Place Value

Rounding off is simple when a child has strong concepts of place value. Understanding the place values helps children in solving more complex mathematical problems.

Every digit in a number system holds a unique place value. Place values are a unique value to each digit in a number. Before we get into the details of rounding off, we need to have a clear concept of word problems, especially for decimal number systems. We use the base ten number system this means that each value as we move from right to left increases tenfold. So, for example in the number 555 the furthest most 5, to the right, is in the ones place and worth 5 ones, the next 5 to the left is worth 5 tens, and the last 5 to the far left is worth 5 hundreds.

Rounding numbers using place values is not as complex as it sounds. Rounding off makes mathematical problems simple and easy to solve. It helps you get a general idea of the outcome of an operation of your choice. You can round down a number to make it smaller or round up to make it a bit larger. The rule of rounding off numbers is;

Round down if the number that follows is of a value than less 5. Round up if the number that follows is equal to 5 or larger than 5.

Rounding off to the nearest hundred position; 8732. The digit under the hundreds value is 7. The number that follows 7 is 3, which is smaller than 5. The number 8732, rounded off to the nearest hundred is 8700. If the number had been 8372, the number rounded off would become 8400. All numbers sitting at the right side of the rounded off digit will all be written as zero, it is a rule of rounding off.

Let's go a step further and round the number 7,397 to the nearest (thousands, hundreds, and tens):

7,397 (thousands) - We would look at the hundreds place, which the integer 3 represents. 3 is less than 5, so we would round down to 7,000.

7,397 (hundreds) - We would look at the tens place, which the integer 9 represents. 9 is greater than 5, so we would round up to 7,400.

7,397 (tens) - We would look at the ones place, which the integer 7 represents. 7 is greater than 5, so we would round up, but this is a tricky one because the integer at the tens place is 9, so that would mean that we would have to round up to the next place which would leave us with 7,400.

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