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Math Rules and Patterns

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Grade 4 Operations - 4.OA.5

These worksheets will help students develop skills to help them sniff out patterns and rules with in equation, operations, or data sets. What Are Math Rules and Patterns? To have a strong understanding of a rule, there needs to be a sequence. A sequence is a set of numbers in a particular order, and in math, a rule tells us what operation or set of operations are needed to be performed on a sequence. For instance, adding to, dividing by 6, these are commonly used rules in math that are used for particular patterns. Let’s try learning this with an example. 103, 140, 177, 214, and so on. We need to identify a pattern in each and then use the pattern to make a rule. If we look at the numbers in the example, we can immediately identify that the numbers are increasing, which means they are either being added, multiplied, or a combination of both. Let’s try doing some addition, i.e., trying adding a number in the first number that can bring the number next to it. 103 + 37 = 140 140 + 37 = 177 177 + 37 = 214 As we are adding the same number, this means we have an additional pattern. So, let's make a rule for this pattern. Rule: Add 37 to get to the next number

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Each is drastically different in premise. Fill in the missing numbers to the pattern. Fill in the missing shapes. You will finish off with operations based patterns.

Practice Worksheets

We give you set functions and ask you to complete them. Use the equation based rules to solve the patterns.

Math Skill Quizzes

We cover each skill in each quiz. Missing or incomplete patterns, using functions, and missing shapes patterns.