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Measurement Distance, Time, Liquid Volume Word Problems

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Grade 4 Fractions - 4.MD.2

Common Measurement Units for Distance, Time, and Liquid Volume Measurement for units is a standard which is used to express the size of any physical quantities. There are various things that have their separate units to measure how much they are. Here, we will tell you about the measuring units of distance, time and liquid volume. Distance - Distance is a measurement of how far apart two objects or two points or two locations are. The most used unit for measuring distance is the meter. The meter can be further changed by centimeters and kilometers, depending on your preference and the overall distance. Another unit used is the inch, while foot which equals to 12 inches. Time - Time is defined as the duration required to complete a task. It is measured commonly in three units, i.e. seconds, minutes and hours. Second is the primary unit for measuring time, and it is equal to one tick of the clock's second hand. The minute and hours are calculated by multiplying those seconds. Liquid Volume - Liquid volume or volume, in general, is the space covered by an object or for liquid, it tells us the space covered by the container. The most common unit for measuring liquid volume is liter. These worksheets cover a wide range of word problem-based problems. These are great for measurement units.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

These are some fun problems, but you need to read them thoroughly to truly grasp what is being asked of you.

  • Homework 1 - Kitty prepared 4 kiloliters of vegetable soup for her daughter's birthday party. She has to serve the soup to each guest. A soup bowl holds 150 milliliters of soup. How many soup bowls will she be able to fill?
  • Homework 2 - Jai went shopping. He buys a shirt for $50.34 and trousers for $60.50. He also buys a new pair of shoes for $35.40. Then, he gets a packet of cookies for $14.00 and candies for $7.90. If he started with $180.45, how much money does he have left?
  • Homework 3 - Jacob works for a company where earns $10.00 per hour. If he works for 7 hours, how much money will Jacob earn?

Practice Worksheets

These are the types of problems with many distracting variables. Have students circle the ones that matter.

  • Candy, Parties, and Apples Practice 1 - Emma buys 10 candies from the shop. Each candy weighs 50 grams. How many grams of candy did Emma buy?
  • Practice 2 - Abigail went to the Towers Market for 1 hour and 15 minutes. She then spent 2 hours in the Boston Commons. It took her 30 minutes to travel between the two market places. How much time did she spend shopping and travelling?
  • Practice 3 - Jasper gets $80 from his father and mother. If he gets 1/4 of his money from his mother, how much money did his mother give him?

Math Skill Quizzes

I made sure that every quiz had at least one of each problem type.

  • Quiz 1 - Tom goes to a fruit shop and picks out a watermelon that has a mass of 1,500 grams. How many kilograms is the watermelon?
  • Quiz 2 - Blake received $450 from his father. He wants to spend his money on three things: clothes, fuel and shoes. If he wants to spend the same amount for each item, how much money will he put towards each item?
  • Quiz 3 - Noah wants to make 5 kiloliters of milk shake for his anniversary party. He has to serve the milk shakes to each guest. A glass holds 200 milliliters of milk shake. How many glasses will he be able to fill?