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Metric Units of Length

5.MD.A.1, C.5 and 4.MD.A.1
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Mixed Measurement - 5.MD.A.1, C.5 and 4.MD.A.1

Common Metric Units of Length - We know that there are different types of birds alive in the world today. Sparrows, crows, eagles, kiwis, and many more. But they are all part of the bird group in the animal kingdom because they follow some basic features needed to be a part of the bird's group. Similar to that, in math, we use a system of measurement called the metric system. The metric system helps us in identifying the units for measuring quantities such as weight, mass, length. Do you know what length is? Let us help! In the simplest words, the length of an object is the measurement of the extent of the object from one end to the other. According to the metric system, the most common units of measurement for length are millimeter, centimeter, meter and kilometer. The smallest unit for the measurement of length is known as millimeter. A millimeter is used to measure something very small such as a seed. It is abbreviated as mm. Next to mm, comes centimeter. There are 10 mms in a centimeter. It is abbreviated as cm. The next unit for the measurement of length is meter. One meter is much longer than a cm and is used to measure longer distances or bigger objects such as pools or rooms. Meter is abbreviated as m. The biggest unit for the measurement of length is known as kilometer. A kilometer is used to measure very long distances such as the distance from your house to your school. Kilometer is abbreviated as km. These worksheets and lessons will teach students how to find measure of length with metric units.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Measure some branches, determine the relative sizes of units, unit conversion, and why not end off with a few word problems.

  • Homework 1 - How long is each stick?
  • Homework 2 - Measure each line, then write the length in the spaces provided.
  • Homework 3 - Convert between metric units, then write your answer in the space provided.
  • Homework 4 - Millimeters (mm) to Centimeters (cm), Centimeters (cm) to Meters (m), and Meters (m) to Kilometers (km).
  • Homework 5 - The mother rabbit hops 20 meters to her nest. How many centimeters did she hop?

Practice Worksheets

Measure out items in your classroom, two fun matching game, and heck more word problems.

  • Practice 1 - Cut out this ruler, then measure the length of things around your classroom. Make sure you use the metric side of the ruler!
  • Practice 2 - Cut each metric unit out, then glue them in the spaces provided.
  • Practice 3 - Have another go at it.
  • Practice 4 - Jose's family drive 130 km on a road trip. How many meters did they drive?

Math Skill Quizzes

These quizzes cover all the skills we learned and a few that ask you to apply extra thought. I never knew there was so much things to measure around beavers.

  • Quiz 1 - Order the metric measurements from smallest to largest.
  • Quiz 2 - How many centimeters is 45 millimeters equal to?
  • Quiz 3 - How many kilometers is 140 meters equal to?
  • Quiz 4 - The beaver needs a log for its dam that is 2.3 meters long. How long does the log need to be in centimeters?