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Addition and Subtraction Fraction Word Problems

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Grade 4 Fractions - 4.NF.3

How Do You Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators? You must have seen mixed fractions quite a few times in your mathematics book. Before you get into adding or subtracting mixed numbers fraction, first know what they are. In fractions, mixed numbers are those that have an integer and a proper fraction. Much as they look intimidating, adding and subtracting mixed numbers having the same denominators is not difficult, in fact it's pretty easy. Let's learn step by step addition and subtraction of mixed numbers with like denominators. The first step is to convert both the mixed numbers into improper fraction. In case you want to know what, an improper fraction is; it is a fraction having greater numerator and smaller denominator. The way to covert mixed number into an improper fraction to multiplying the denominator with the integer and then adding the numerator into the answer. 2 3/4 - Multiply 4 (denominator) with 2 (integer) and add 3 (numerator) in the result. The result is 11/4. After you have two improper fractions, add the numerators of the equation. Make sure that the denominators are same, else numerators can't be added. If the result is an improper fraction, reduce it into a mixed number. These worksheets help students identify the operations that should take place between fraction in a word problem.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I tried to tie the fractions to things that we use fraction unit with every day (distance, recipes, food, etc.)

  • Homework 1- During the movie Max drinks 5/7 of a cup of water and Luke drinks 1/7 a cup of water. How much more did Max drink?
  • Homework 2- There are 24 hours in a day. Edward has spent 3/8 of the day in school. How much time will Edward spend in school?
  • Homework 3- Laura baked 2 cakes in a microwave. Cake one takes 8/12 of an hour to bake. Cake number two takes 5/12 of an hour to bake. How much more time did cake one take?

Practice Worksheets

These problems are a bit more wordy, if you will. The go is to increase their reading stamina within word problems.

  • Practice 1- Alexis had 5/8 of a pound of sugar yesterday, but today he had 3/8 of a pound of sugar left. How much sugar did Alexis use?
  • Practice 2- Grace is making rice for her family. The boys eat 4/7 of a bag of rice and the girls eat 3/7 of a bag of rice. How much more rice did boys eat than the girls?
  • Practice 3- There are 12 months in a year. Luke has to go on vacation for 1/6 of the year. How much time will Luke spend on holiday?

Math Skill Quizzes

These get us heading to be ready for unit rates. We also have a few applied unit rate questions in here too.

  • Quiz 1- Alana used 5 kg of sugar in 15 days. How much sugar did she use in 120 days?
  • Quiz 2- Dylan bought 6/11 of a kg of apples and 4/11 of a kg of peaches. How much more did the apples weigh than the peaches?
  • Quiz 3- Lincoln has 35 candies and Callus has 28 candies. What fraction of the candies does Lincoln have?

How Do You Identify That A Word Problem Calls for Addition or Subtraction?

There are a series of words and phrases that can be found in most word problems that will indicate to you the math operations involved. The common phrases that indicate finding a sum or the addition operations include, but are not limited to: add to, all together, increased by, more than, and go up by. The words that are commonly found in addition-based word problems include: both, combine, perimeter, plus, sum, and total. The phrases that are often used to indicate that you need to subtract are: decreased by, fewer than, how many more, less than, and take away. The words that are common to subtracting are: difference, left, less, minus, and remaining. Not all the problems will contain these terms, but you can be sure many of them will.